Simple proof that global warming is a fact

Vast majority of scientists believe global warming is a fact. Rare exceptions are some USA scientists but since we know USA refuse to sign Kyoto protocol, althrought they are accounted for 25 % of world CO2 emissons, their opinion could be biased.

Average global temperature is rising there is no doubt about that. You can see that in the next chart.

Big question is why. Changes in global temperature were there throughout entire human history. What is different in this warming episode ?

You can see that level of CO2 in atmosphere rose during industrial revolution. Today level of CO2 is biggest in last 30 million years. That’s right. Million years. CO2 is damaging Earth because of so called greenhouse effect. CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation trap heat that would othervise escape from Earth. You are probably questioning yourself what has this to do with global warming. Answer is here :

You can see almost perfect correlation between CO2 levels and average global temperature. Now imagine current CO2 levels ( 380 ) in chart and you will have explanation for recent extreme weather recently on Earth. We humans broke trend which was millions years old and consequences are here. Some are :

-rising seas

-changes in rainfall patterns

-increased likelihood of extreme events ( floods, hurricanes, … )

-loss of plankton due to warming seas

-widespread vanishing of animal populations

-bleaching of coral reefs due to warming sea

-acidification due to carbonic acid formation

-melting of the ice caps


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  1. John Kerry on

    The graphs all show that the recent temperatures are within the normal deviation. The last trys to show a “perfect correlation” between temperature and CO2 concentration. However, it’s far from perfect. Just take a look at the last few years on the graph. It shows CO2 levels going up and temperatures going DOWN.

    If the CO2 levels today are caused by the industrial revolution, then what caused the just as high CO2 levels 125,000 and 325,000 years ago? Looking at the graphs, it doesn’t seem our CO2 levels/temperature are anything out of the ordinary for the last 400,000 years.

  2. E Pluribus Unum on

    Nice job of deceptive scaling of graphs.

    Try scaling your CO2 graph from zero and see how scary it looks.

  3. thiver on

    To John Kerry

    You missed fact that present in third chart is 1950.

    Try to put charts 1 and 2 into chart 3 and you will see

  4. j. cunningham on

    There’s a couple other charts you could add – like the one showing similar temperature trending on Mars. The problem with presentations like this is that you are begging the question. The question really isn’t ‘does global temperature change?’. Everyone knows that temperatures change over time. The geologic record is evidence of that. The question you think you are addressing is ‘are we causing it?’. And no one has a good answer for that – regardless of country or politics. It looks to me like most of the evidence is that variations in the suns radiated energy are most likely responsible.

  5. greenlightsabers on

    Hmm… Winter in Australia last year was actually warm. It felt a bit like autumn.

  6. on30guy on

    Burning the various fuels we burn results only partially in CO2 emmisions. Actually, combustion gives off more carbon monoxide (CO). CO2 emmisions come from respiration! Yes, BREATHING! Every living animal on this planet uses oxygen and gives off CO2.

  7. celticprincess on

    My question is, in the millions of years that this planet has been here and for the thousands of years that it has been inhabited by humans, how can anyone give conclusive results on whether global warming is man made? This planet has a history, as do all the planets, of moving closer, then farther away from the Sun’s Orbit. Orbits of planets vary depending on the variables of the Solar System. Just how many Ice Ages has this planet gone through only to turn around and have a warming trend? The last one documented was the Great Flood, that didn’t have CO2 produced by fossil fuel and as there wasn’t as many people so breathing wasn’t an issue. Is it really all that unusual that we are at a time, with the action of our Sun that we would be experiencing a common pattern to Earth?

    I think it is more a way for the governments to use taxpayers money on this warming trend than applying it to truthful education on the History of this Planet and our own Solar System. The Sun has more to do with this planet warming than CO2. We seem to have become spoiled brats in this day and AGE, thinking we know more than we really do and trying to blame something on something we just can’t explain at this moment, as the knowledge is just not there.

  8. Alfonz on

    cunningham, I doubt very much you can produce any evidence that the Sun’s radiation has fluctuated in such a way as to produce the observed warming — because it hasn’t.

    on30guy, CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas produced in combustion. Of course there are other combustion products.

    For various reasons — vested interests, ignorance, or just plain foolishness — there are still people who are in denial about global warming. Not so long, they would dispute that there was a warming trend at all. Now they will admit it, but their line of defence is that it is natural rather than anthropogenic, and that one is crumbling too. The problem is that the longer we delay in making the political decisions necessary to reverse the trend, the harder it will be. The system has a lot of inertia.

    • Anonymous on

      H2O is the most significant greenhouse gas produced by combustion. CO2 is an insignificant greenhouse gas.

      H2O is 20 times the greenhouse gas as CO2 and is actually found in significant concentrations in the atmosphere, whereas CO2 is not.

    • xencat on

      H2O is the most significant greenhouse gas produced by combustion. CO2 is an insignificant greenhouse gas.

      H2O is 20 times the greenhouse gas as CO2 and is actually found in significant concentrations in the atmosphere, whereas CO2 is not.

  9. on30guy on

    My point is that CO2 is not the primary bi-product of combustion of fossil fuel. That CO2 levels are increasing at an alarming rate is not at issue.

    As humans, we’re doing a wonderful job of destroying this planet. Our numbers are growing at an incredible rate. As there are more humans, there’s more CO2. And, in order to make space, we continue to chop down trees and clear other naturally planted areas to make way for our wasteful selves. Plants (trees, grass, etc.) are the things on this planet that take absorb CO2 and, as a byproduct of photosynthesis, create the oxygen we need to breathe. They’re natures air scrubbers!

    That CO2 levels rose during the industrial revolution is no accident. That period, world-wide, saw booms in population, construction, and growth of manufacturing. And, it was a time that US and European lumber industries were booming, too, clearing millions of acres of land.

  10. Davey Mars on

    on30guy: so what you’re saying is that those extra billions of people that just sort of popped up since the industrial revolution have been apparently been breathing out more CO2 than they can suck in, and thus caused this “wild”, nay “crazy”, rise as seen in the chart above???????

    Damn, I *knew* those people across the street were trying to kill me.

    (Just to show how dumb I am, at first I just thought that thermometers and tree rings had some sort of different internal mechanisms.)


  11. on30guy on


    Sorta! Yes, by simply breeding, we’re causing our own undoing!

    That’s a bit of an oversimplification. But, all animals (and we are animals) on the planet breathe in the air, use the oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide.

    Trees and plants (which we humans chop down like crazy, without putting enough back in somewhere else) “inhale” and use the carbon dioxide and “exhale” oxygen. Pretty cool, when it’s in balance.

    Something else I forgot to mention. Asphalt. We humans seem to love this awful stuff. We lay down millions of acres of blacktop roads and parking lots. All day long, they sit in the sunlight, absorbing the heat. All night long, they sit in the dark, and release that stored heat. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate from day to night as it should. And, asphalt is made from petroleum byproducts — it’s essentially oil with some other messy stuff mixed in.

    Concrete is a better solution. It’s made of other naturally occurring substances (sand, lime, etc.), and it’s similar in it’s color tone range to grass, so it’s less impactful on temperature change.

  12. thiver on

    I read article recently saying that litte ice age was partially due to plague in Europe in 14 century, when 33 % of popultaion died.

    Consequence was less CO2 >>>> lower average global temperature >>>> little ice age.

    Sure, … variations were there througtout entire human histoty but apperanly humans can change climate by affenting CO2 levels.

  13. jackynjimy on

    How typical that our ego thinks we can control the world to this degree. That’s the bane of our species, and will probably be it’s downfall.

  14. J. Cunningham on

    Actually, I could. In fact, I have a copy of a scandinavian study published in the early 1990’s that shows a direct correlation between mean earth temperature and fluctuations in radiated sun output on a roughly 88 year cycle – it correlated perfectly back to the 1700’s, which is as far back as anyone can estimate temperatures with any certainty. Their method was novel: they used the difference in freeze over and thaw time in the baltic sea for which there are good records, and related information.

    Anyway, one good volcano puts out more greenhouse gasses in a year than man has in his entire history. I read this as an aside repeatedly in Science articles on geochemistry.

    Blaming it on ‘Man’ is an exercize in self-flagelation – just like the monks in Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ bashing themselves in the heads with boards.

  15. arpi on

    the climate IS warming and it IS warming as a result of a diabolical plan by Canadians to get rid of all that snow and ice- and save vacation dollars going to the south. This was a promise made (and kept by the old liberal government of Pierre Elliot Trudeau) remember Trudeau-mania? Well that pickle puffing Frog unleashed an unimaginable amount of heat during his gay episodes with Elton John, and his wife Margaret supported him (and all Canadiens) by doing theRolling Stones every time they played in Canada – so – shut up, eh?

  16. Hans Kruiger on


    It’s called the hockey-stick diagram.
    No matter what input you give this formula you will always !! end up with this curve.
    It is bullshit by definition.

    Global warming is bullshit for we (humans) do less then 20% of earths CO2 output.
    It already is known to many scientist. Even the gap in the ozon-layer is bullshit. It’s been there for centuries growing and shrinking.

    BS all over.
    You wanna save the world?? Do your part?
    Quit driving when you have less than 2 mile to drive.
    Buy a bike ! Good for your health and good for nature.

  17. James on

    I do agree with this subject but think that the cuttin down of trees is a far bigger problem..CO2 emissions from cars etc will evantually decrease as a lot of alternatives are been thought of to replace the interal combustion engine.
    However i still think that without the trees ,to basically balance the natural oxygen to c02 ratio, then temperatures will continue to rise.
    The planet Venus is an example of how C02 traps in heat because even though farther away from the sun,it is the hottest planet in the solor system

  18. Happy Joe on

    It doesnt help that we only contribute 20% of the CO2 when its 20% too much for the earth to handle.
    The environment around us is a delicate system. We have destroyed the balance between CO2 created and CO2 absorbed, and as a result the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases.

    To the people saying we cant be sure we are the cause of the latest years increase in temperature: Youre right. We cant be 100% sure. The question is, can we risk the consequenses of not doing anything if global warming is indeed man made?

  19. Johnny on

    So what do you propose? That we shut down the world and go back to candles? Listen, screaming about things like this does only one thing in my opinion and experience; it slows down the solution. When, for instance, the UK signed up to the Kyoto agreement it did absolutely nothing but harm business – sure, CO2 emissions decreased in the UK but at the cost of many jobs and many insightful, intelligent people – who’ve moved to countries (such as china) where they can burn as much carbon as they desire, at less cost, instead of work towards a solution. There is no need for a government to tell a business to turn the gas off via taxation – do you really think people with a business mind would use more gas than they need? Furthermore, efficiency in fuels and cleaner energy are on the way as it’s only good business sense. Efficient fuels = cheaper. So stop complaining – by doing so, you’re slowing down the solution.

  20. Adam on

    “I read article recently saying that litte ice age was partially due to plague in Europe in 14 century, when 33 % of popultaion died.”

    Haha, are you kidding me? The ice age led to the plague, not the other way around. Farming became less profitable because of the cold temperatures, so a whole bunch of people moved to the cities, which led to increased transmission of the disease.

    Get a grip.

  21. Caffe on

    The world has long went thru times of global warming and global cooling. The industrialised nations are doing what they can now to try to curb their pollution output. Unfortunately, for the poorer nations of the world, they cannot focus on this problem simultaneously along with trying to industrialise their own economies. This is really a “luxury” we can afford. Unfortunately, our need for material products and consumpution overcomes our few-decades-old awareness of the environment.

    Tell me, what is your agenda on this shit?

  22. Julien Fournier on

    If you just take an exemple of one big city. When you watch it from afar, there is a cloud of pollution floating over it. Repeat the same scenario day after day, and for many cities. It seems like impossible to neglect how much of Co2 we release and to believe that we have a little impact. It’s just logical. Sure the cloud of smog is combustion ash, cause Co2 is invisible. However, if there is so much ash, there must be alot of Co2.

    Climate changes are real. Yes they happened in the past. Dinosaurs era was 10 degrees hotter than now. At the tropic, you would not even be able to put down your feet in the water cause it would be too hot (recent studies showed this).

    I hate to hear peoples saying it’s natural because it is a cause of a major extinction happening right now. It is so radical that alot of northen species risk disappearing. YOu cannot call this normal… there was fluctuations, but only a certain number of major extinctions.

    Recent research in a antartic cave where they drilled much further down into the ice showed that the Co2 was at his highest since the ice formed.

  23. Julien Fournier on
  24. Jebby Deringer on

    OK…species disappearing, not normal, what? You mention dinosaurs and how it was hotter and then you say it’s not natural that it’s getting hotter now and that species are disappearing. Only a certain number of major extinctions? We don’t even know the full extent of all the extinctions in the last few millions years.

    I agree that we are destroying the environment but personally I haven’t seen enough evidence to tell me climate change is directly related to us. We should spend less time focusing on “scare theories” to make us environmentally friendly and just clean up our act for the good of mankind. So many “protestors” for environmental issues are so un-educated in these and other matters and they need to find something more constructive to do. Sure they are trying to raise awareness but they are only protesting because they are helpless and neglect any skills themselves to come up with solutions to the worlds problems.

  25. Mike on

    Refering to comments concerning pollution over big cities made by Fournier.

    Something interesting to note on the forementioned topic includes a phenomona known as “atmospheric inversion”. Basically (as best as i can explain) warm air (which usually has a tendency to rise) gets trapped below cooler air due to certin geographicaly imposed conditions. This occurs in cities like Los Angeles (resides in a basin) or London (I’m not sure the reasoning behind London). Anyways, You can imagine the consequences of improper air circulation above a major city…..severe and cumulative smog).
    However, in many cases (like the London Smog Crisis many decades ago) the main cause of the smog was the incomplete combustion of coal producing CO, not CO2. Incomplete combustion is combustion under restricted O conditions. The CO, becoming concentrated due to a lack of air circulation in and out of the region, would “lay low” essentially poisoning the local populance….this is very dangerous for people with preexisting lung/respritory problems.

    The problem L.A. and London have with smog is man-made within a naturally occuring, but seemingly misunderstood dynamic environmental cycle.

    On another topic, the rates of extinction of present day match those of any mass extinction in the geological past (it is easier to deal with rates of extinction then #of species becoming extinct). Most of todays species that are going extinct are associate with carbonate reefs,….possibly due to an increase of particulates in water resulting in a lower depth of light penetration in seawater. These extinction rates, although very high, will increase. I think this because once the ice caps melt, the thermocline (differences in temperature btw the polar regions and equatorial waters) will decrease ultimatly leading to nonexistant currents and a change in climate on a global scale.

    PS: Tropic waters during the cenozoic “dinosaur time” were not as hot as you think…warmer then today…but not too hot to stick your feet in.

    Discussion and debate about our environment should be a priority in education…eventually education leads to change.

  26. Mike on

    This article uses the Maan “Hockey Stick” which has been heavily discredited. Look at Maans mideval warming period, which should show warmer temperates than today. Instead Maan has got some screwed up gray error bars.

    Climate works on long term cycles, there is not one stable set of temperates for the Earth. The Gloabal Warming movement is not a scientific movement, geologists know this best of all.

    Be more comcerned abput glabal cooling, an ice age is happening in a few thousand years. The earths orbit is not circular, it is oval. The northern hemisphere is closer to the sun in december and further away in the summer. In 10 000 years this will reverse, the difference is enough to trigger an ice age.

  27. lazypoke14 on

    You all should check out Michael Crichton’s book “State of Fear.” It deals directly with this subject and uses numerous sources to show global warming is either not happening or cannot directly be attributed to human causes. Apart from being a pretty decent read it gives about 30 pages of references he used to form his opinions.

  28. thiver on

    Book you are talking about is lame, …

    Crichton is showing only one side of the story, … he demonstrates all available “evidences” that global warming is not happening but he doesnt show single evidence about global warming.

  29. Back to Basics on

    Thank you for creating this website. It is good that people see this information no matter what their opinions are. No matter what the truth is, people should bike more and drive less…and yes, over population is an issue. …and for those of you who do read geological magazines or science magazines (not political propoganda), global warming is an issue and must be handled.

  30. tim on

    Can Anyone explain to me how Co2 mol. get into the upper atmosphere. They are approx. twice as heavy as oxgyen Mol. Blow into a ballon,you just filled it with Co2,tie off the end, how let go of the ballon,does it go straight up or float along the ground!

    • Jacob Mack on

      Yes, one air is mostly N2 and 02, which are both lighter than CO2, however, C02 is still buoyant in air, which is not all N2 and 02. Also natural processes of convection and advection can transport C02 too.C02 can become excited from more thermal energy from absorbing thermal radition increasing kinetic energy.

  31. Matteo on

    Global Warming Happens!…its just not caused by humans. Look, it has clearly happened in the past, long before human beings and their artificially produced C02 emissions could be blamed. Paleoclimatologists and archaeologists working with pollen, foramenifera, ice core data and a slough of other evidence have all documented that these shifts have occurred before, and it certainly seems that one such shift is occuring now.

    Archaeologist, in particular, have tried to describe two successive periods known as the ‘medieval optimum’ and the ‘little ice age’ which bear witness to such changes. All of the evidence indicates that the earth’s climate abruptly became warmer from the 8th through 12th centuries AD (the medieval optimum).

    Much of the rest of the scientific communtiy has tried to ignore the past b/c they are too worried about drumming up apocalyptic scenarious of the future. The ‘global warming’ researchers routinely ignore this data or perform transformations (smoothing the data to make it follow a normal curve) on historical records or naturally created proxy records of temperature in order to get rid of the “anomaly” created by temperature distributions from the medieval optimum. If you smooth your historical temperature records and then use untransformed data for the modern era, are those data sets really comparable? No! But you get more grants that way. You certainly get more grants than if you say…”You know, we can actually document global warming in the past and there probably isn’t shit we can do about it in modern times…”

    The medieval optimum allowed the Vikings to expand further north and then west into Iceland, Greenland, and eventually Canada. The increase in temperatures caused flooding in low-lying areas like Denmark creating a diaspora of Viking culture. It allowed the Iroquois to move into upstate New York and the Huron could grow corn north of the Great Lakes. It had a major effect on human fertility rates in Europe. All of this we can document archaeologically and/or historically depending on the region.

    All of this ended with the “Little Ice Age” of the 13th century. The warm temperatures caused an influx of cold fresh water into the oceans (according to the Greenland & Antarctic ice cores). This altered the currents that regulate the earth’s temperature. Droughts in the midwest lead to the collapse of Mississippian chiefdoms. Warfare intensified allover eastern North America (as evidenced through the construction of palisades and an increase in the prevalence of skeletal trauma on bones; i.e. heads bashed in, scalping, stone points embedded in bones, etc.). This was probably brought on by increased conflict caused by decreased agricultural yields and lessened productivity in the natural environment. Survival of the two Viking colonies in Greenland became impossible as well. The Indians had already kicked their butts out of North America for poisoning them with milk (the Indians were lactose intolerant after 13000+ years w/o dairy products)! The Vikings either abandoned their settlements or starved to death. And cultures all over Europe record drought, cold winters, famine, and increased mortality.

    I’m so sick of hearing people on the left state things like…”if global warming continues unchecked, much of Florida could be under water in the coming years.” Guess what geniuses…much of Florida WAS under water a few thousand years ago and somehow humans in the area adapted. The difference is that today we’ve decided to settle down and build cities.

    The earth hasn’t changed…its doing what it has always done. We’ve changed. The best thing we can do is try to come up with innovative new ways to adapt our culture to the changing global temperature. Why, because WE CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER!!!

    • keith walden on

      I enjoyed your contribution and wondered where I could find some additional info on the “medieval optimum” and the “little ice age”. I believe the idea of a global warming “crisis” is something a few political leaders came up with when they sat down and considered the enormity of trying to get the world to change from fossil-fuel burning in all its various configurations to a more politically correct type of energy that would not rely on Middle Eastern sources. It is sad that all the untruthful conjecture and biased manipulation created to cause hysteria is so effective on a world stage. Why cant people just examine facts objectively and not try to embellish to there own end on topics as broad as this. I see “Most scientist’s” quoted many times but never seem to find their names or specialties. As in trying to find the non-gay scientist’s who say you are born that way or no. Sells movies and gets votes I guess.

      • keith walden on

        I would like to see an unbiased statistic comparing the Co2 output of all the worlds volcano’s each year side by side with all the world’s human caused output separated between human respiration(necessary for life) and voluntary additional. Im not sure whether these are measured or even estimated intelligently anywhere, could you refer me? I think I’d rather find them in a library rather than on the internet. Thanks

        PS Please no titles by A. Gore “Earth in the Balance” was enough BS for me

  32. Aaron on

    For those that think the correlation between C02 levels and average surface temperature prove global warming is caused by CO2 are ignoring a very basic premise of science – correlation does not prove causality! Could this be evidence that C02 levels are a result of the global warming trend? The answer is yes, but it could just as well be evidence that global warming trends cause natural increases in CO2 levels. The only way to “prove” that the main cause of the warming trend is CO2 levels is to wait 20 years and see if the current models correctly predict the temperature change as a function of CO2 levels. As a scientist (not a climatologist), though, I think it is important to state again – correlation does not prove causality! It never has, and it never will.

  33. Sean on

    I second that. Correlation does not prove causality.

    Could it be that temperatures affect the balance between plant and animal life, resulting in higher levels of CO2 following higher temperatures, and lower temperatures being followed by lower levels of CO2? Notice how the first temperature drop on this chart was very dramatically faster and slightly earlier than the first CO2 drop? Notice how the one that began 130,000 years ago similarly drops in temperature faster than than the CO2 drop?

    Lastly, notice how the latest warming trend, and CO2 – increase trend, began about 15,000 years before the Industrial Revolution?

  34. Carl McCoy on

    Factor in water vapor and the percentage of man-made/caused CO2 falls to .117%. Don’t believe me? Type this into a search engine: water vapor contribution to global warming. If you are honest youwill do so. If not, you have 0% credibility, and questionable motives.

  35. Jesse on

    I find it interesting that the topic of breathing came up here. I once calculated, roughly, what the human populace pumps into the atmosphere every year. The number would astound you, four orders of magnitude higher than all C02 production by industry combined. Given 50 billion tons of C02 by industry. I sat calmly and tallied the number of breathing cycles I went through in one minute. I did this many many times to get a rough statistic. I then looked up in thermophysical tables the density of C02 at 98.6 F, looked up a nominal tidal capacity of the human lung to arrive a mass expulsion per breath, multiplied this number by the averaged number of resting breaths per year and by the populace to arrive at my number.
    Now, there are several detractions, 100% of my breath is not C02, it is combined with water vapor. Some of it is used by the trees and foliage around me, never making it to the atmosphere. However, my number does not include the entirety of the animal kingdom either or the fact that I excersize 3 times a week and breath a lot harder. The bottom line is given my assumptions one ten thousandth of a percent of our C02 needs to make to the upper atmosphere for the C02 contribution of the human populace to even match the industry contribution.

    If the sun has no effect, why are the martian polar caps melting as well? Remember radiation is a 4th order effect with temperature, a small rise in sun surface temperature leads to an enormous change in radiative power

    What effect does the electromagnetic change of the poles, (evidence shows that the poles have switched in the past and may be currently doing so, your compass may someday in the not so distant future point south, not north), have on weather phenomenon?

    Why does NYC exhibit a .8 deg F rise over 200 hundered years while nearby Albany has actually cooled? You can’t have globally local warming. The same is true of many locales across the planet. How come places with no human affect or civilization at all have not changed temperature at all in the past 200 hundred years? While it is the average we look at these data points are averaged in and some may be, at the very least, questionably high. While this does not refute a warming it puts a hole in the data. Do we really account for urban heating properly? Based on results described above, and many many more examples of it, I think we have missed the mark.

    Davy Mars – how accurate can read a mercury themometer? Within 1 deg F repeatable? I stronly doubt it. How was temperature measured
    before the observation of the seeback effect and the widespread use of more sophisticated measuring devices?

    Does C02 lead to a rise in temperature, or a rise in temperature lead to a rise in C02? I must reiterate Aaron’s point, correlation does not prove causality. Typically, you learn something, but usually leads to more questions.

    Remember it was the scientists who believed the earth was the center of the solar system, the world was flat, and that the number zero could not exist because it made no sense.

    Where are the error bars, the uncertainty, in these temperature and C02 measurements? How come thos are never shown? I am a scientist, (though not a climatologist), and these features of data are as important as the measurements themselves.

    Now, ofcourse this is not to say that the activities of conservation, researching alternate fuel sources, controlling emissions are not without merit. However these activites should be embarked upon with careful consideration to all of the effects involved.

  36. Lori on

    I also think it is absurd that the global warming panic exits. How were the CO2 levels 400,000 years ago obtained? Conjecture is what this opinion is made of and without facts, that could be repeated over again, obtaining the same results, it is nothing more than hypothesis – without proof. It has been mentioned that the real problem with this theory is the simple physics of the weight of the gasses!

    It is time we address the very real problem that is most harmful to the world – the way it was – is overpopulation. In every species, the most detrimental source for their own demise was too many in the grou; no population control. We humans, if we want to change the environmental pressures we put on the earth, must control our own proliferation. Our ship will go down if we don’t do something to control the population of the rats!

    Population control is what everything boils down to: animals being run out of their natural habitat, waters being polluted by our everyday waste. Look up the statisics on average annual waste per household in the Beureau of Staistics, it is staggering.

    Come on, open your eyes, see that the world is going to change. Change is the nature of things. We are not necessarily causing global warming, it is a change – evolution if you will. Adaptation is the key, and as for me and my house we promote zero-population growth and worry about our own effects on our own environment. We will not spend time trying to put the blame to everything under the sun and making it someone else’s responsibility. We all are responsible for every thought and action we have, individually.

    Try that, instead of getting up on some mythical soap-box, pointing fingers, and making up statistics to illicit panic. You’ll have better success, if what you are truly trying to do is change how humans are effecting the current environmental changes to our world. Nothing is ever solved sitting back and saying it’s someone else’s fault. How many children and grandchildren do you have?

  37. pavlo on

    the graph shows that after the invention of the automobile co2 started to in crease and hasnt stopped in the last 100 years since.i rest my case

  38. dm on

    Was it cars that caused the rise in CO2 30-35k years ago to?

  39. Me Me on

    If there is an excess of CO2 in our atmosphere caused by oxygen fueled combustion, why is there not an obvious corresponding shortage of oxygen?
    CO2 comes out of my mouth and plants need it to survive, and Methane comes out of my ass. How can these elements that were at one time the building blocks of life on earth now suddenly cause the icecaps to melt?
    Explain how the UN now blames cows, not humans for causing excess CO2?
    Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the UN announcing that the earth has been experiencing unprecedented warming for several years. I say again that was twenty years ago. The question is obvious.
    The journal Nature, says that a sample of air from 50 years ago before pollution controls and when we heated our homes with fuel oil and coal, is dirtier than a sample of air from today. Please explain.
    If the earth’s environment was like a stagnant fish tank, your points would standup. However, our planet is resilient and adaptable because of the carbon cycle that cleans our atmosphere. Volcanoes come to mind?

  40. Daniel L. Taylor on

    Ahhh…the infamous “hockey stick” graph.

    You might want to read up on the construction of the data set and graph, and the many critiques regarding the work, before touting it as “simple proof” of human induced global warming.

    Here’s a “simple proof” that one should not trust the hockey stick graph: the Medieval Climate Optimum is portrayed as being cooler than the “1961-1990 Average”, yet during the Medieval Optimum Greenland supported farming colonies.

    How is it the colonists during that period got more food out of Greenland with primitive farming tools and knowledge than we can with all our modern abilities *unless it was warmer for them?*


    Next time you think you have a “simple proof” of human induced climate change, look in the mirror and repeat to yourself three times: “There’s nothing simple about global climate.”

  41. Lknight on

    Are we in a world-wide warming trend? Yes, probably as a continuation of the withdrawal from the last ice age. Has it been caused by man’s activities? I seriously doubt it. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not controlled by fossil fuel burning, it is controlled by temperature of the oceans which have CO2 dissolved that is in equilibrium with the atmosphere. The solubility of carbon dioxide in water decreases with an increase in temperature. Ever tried to open a warm bottle of pop? How much more CO2 came out than when you opened a cold one? As the oceans get warmer more CO2 is released that in turn causes less heat to radiate from the earth. So what is making the oceans warmer? Fossil fuel CO2 emissions are not the likely cause and maybe just as likely is all the polititian hot air over this issue. Likely more variations in the radiation from the sun is the cause as it has been throughout geologic time.

    Clearly if we are worried about global warming being man-caused we cannot stop using fossil fuels overnight and the present world population cannot survive in a pre-industrial revolution life-style without modern energy sources. Solar or wind power cannot provide the necessary energy. Although nuclear energy could replace much fossil fuel and eliminate many of the environmental problems of fossil fuels, its use is not politically acceptable in the present climate. If proponents of global warming control like Al Gore and John Kerry want to get on a meaningful bandwagon they should start promoting the use of nuclear power. This could dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels, and I promise, we won’t all glow green in the dark from its widespread use!

    Its unlikely anything we do will have a measurable impact on “global warming”, although debating this issue will feed a lot of otherwise unemployable politicians and cause a lot of “the sky is falling” type of hand wringing. All we can do is find ways to adapt to changing conditions.

    A much bigger issue that will wipe out man kind is that of over population. It is the root of all environmental problems and none of the politicians are harping about this one.

  42. Jaynie on


  43. ry on

    the essence of global warming is that climate changes occur naturally. Prtyly predictable but mostly unpredictable. We are fortunate that our own society has developed in a time of warmer climate. More than 90 percent of the last two million years the global climate has been MUCH colder. Global cooling should be far more feared and would do infinately more damage than the recent 20th century gentle, natural warming cycle.

  44. tom on

    As I understand it, the main concern is that we are effecting the longtime climatic cycles with unkown consequences. A concensus, seemingly a vast majority of the people who work in this field, not just the scientist either, seem to believe there is strong weight behind this argument. Clearly there are also a number of strong examples for man’s impact for climatic change at a large scale, for example the droughts in Eastern Australia and the extensive coastal deforestation there.
    Large natural catastrophes can and do happen that have extensive climatic impacts such as the volcanic eruptions in Iceland in the 19th century.
    However this is no excuse to ignore a potential manmade feedback into the natural climatic loop with unknown consequences.
    It might be wise to apply the precautionary principle to our limited real estate.
    Overfishing is another example of people’s shortsightedness, pull out all the cod, go away for a few years and they will all be back. Except they didn’t…oops….
    Oh and pollution doesn’t exist either, just another UN conspiracy.

  45. Dave on

    You know what the best part is? WHEN the climate starts cooling again NATURALLY, all the people who believe we are causing global warming are going to declare victory. They will claim that their money wasting legislation fixed the problem.

    I don’t think anyone can disagree that global warming is currently happening. I would also believe that CO2 levels are their highest, possibly ever. The graphs clearly show a correlation between global temperature and CO2 levels. Here’s a little news flash from elementary school math:


  46. tom on

    @ Matteo….

    The warming in the early medieval appears to have actually been cooler than that occuring now.

    Here is one ref:

    And the influx of cold water you are talking about, are you actually thinking of the Younger Dryas, which took place somewhat further back?

    A fantastic example of rapid climate and sea level change all due to one natural event; the probable collapse of natural dams holding back extremely large glacial lakes in North America and flooding the North Atlantic with cold freshwater consequently disrupting the major oceanic currents that helped regulate temperature. This in turn, shifting climate back from a warming period to a temporary freeze of a few thousand years. This is much more extreme than anything so far posited by global warming.

    Imagine if we are doing something now, unawares, that could create such a major tipping point. That would be really scaremongering.

    If, looking across the spectrum of views, some claim that manmade global warming is a dangerous fallacy, others claim that the fallacy is in the way we are massively underestimating the impact we are having, and that we may be heading for a catastrosphic tipping point with events far worse than suggested by the consensus.

    Heck who knows…… but you have to keep an open mind…. and hope you guys dont mind my two cents worth……

  47. jeromy on

    Hi everybody. Has anybody ever stopped to think that maybe global warming is good? I mean, even if this whole global warming thing IS caused by humans (which is rediculous, but let’s just say so for a minute here), who says that global warming is BAD??? Our solar system can only go one direction – cooling. The solar system is not going to get hotter, it is cooling. Look at Mars…it is possible that Mars was once warm enough to support life. As the Earth is now, we are barely warm enough to support human life. If the entire Earth were in perpetual winter (below 32 degees f), human life would die off. Are we stupid or what? I say, go global warming! The warmer the better! Shit, I HATE winter! As far as that asshat Al Gore’s predictions of GWing, well, he’s an asshat. NOBODY knows what the result of an average rise in temperature of 3-5 degrees F would be. Humans are so damn short-sighted that we can’t even predict what our own lifestyles will be like in 50 years. Humans are so short-sighted that some of us even think that some 2000-year-dead-guy is gonna pop up outa the clouds any minute and whisk away 144,000 virginal eunuchs to a wedding feast. GET REAL. Don’t listen to politicians and politically motivated pseudo-scientists. Listen to logic – warm = good. Cold = bad. Volcanos produce more CO2 and CO in an average eruption than all of mankind has ever, or could possibly ever, produce. Stop following asshats, people. And also, by the way, there is not enough water on the planet to flood the entire surface, or even make a real good dent in it. Arizona will not have beachfront any time soon. Give it a million years or so. BTW GW Bush is an asshat, too. I’m no republican, I’m no democrat…I make sense. And when it comes to all this GWing crap, my bullshit meter pegs out.

  48. tom on

    Apologies please for the following rant………………………………………………………………………………….

    ummm.. .so hot that you cant live there….

    explain volcanoes being going on for ..euhhh since dawn of time…. so why now sudden blip in C02?… sure I know co2 and climate fluctuates over time…. but this doesnt fit the pattern

    and the issue is most of the world’s population live close to the sea, in an area that is likely to be afffected… and the economic cost of shifting 95% or whatever it is of the world’s population is fairly damm high….

    ARE YOU going to open your borders to let these people escape what happens? Are you a cold callous person, who contributed to this, who will make weak arguments for letting people die……

    It’s not my bullshit meter thats pegs out…..

    Its my fucking sadness that i could be like you and not fucking care about people to even discuss this properly and dismiss this so fucking trivially…..

    Please give some respect to how lucky you fucking are compared to most people……

    Consider yourselves lucky that you are not one of the few hundreds of thousand of people who die every week from poverty…

    Never in any of humanity’s time on this planet have so many lived so well, but even more have live so shit…. and we might make it even shitter……

    PS for where i live its good news, oh ironies!….

    PPS it’s the politicos and “pseudo-scientists”, is there such a thing?, who are the bigger deniers, most scientists and involved people have agreed for a while now that something is up….

    PPS Apologies for the rant, I’m sure you are all good people

    PPPS look at the English apple growers who are now buying land 500 miles north in Scotland to plant new orchards, ask ecologists about the vertical movement of species populations over the few decades in the Rockies, etc…

    PPPPPS im probably completely wrong……

  49. Glenn on

    Global Warming? Total, undiluted BULLSHIT!

  50. banshee on

    this one post very good. i enjoy very much!

  51. conservative on

    The Sky is falling! The sky is falling! Global warming is here and now we’re all gonna die!Uhhhhh…NO!!!!!!!!! Global warming is bullshit and anyone with half a brain should know that, evn some asshole liberals.there is no REAL proof of Global Warming and every time someone refers to global warming as if it were real they use the word “if” or “could”. “If” there is global warming or how much it “could” cost to repay the damages. It was only 30 years ago when scietists and everyone thought there was a new ice age coming and then suddenly they change their minds and sday it’s now global warming. I’m only 13 and I know whats going on. i’m not saying that there will never be global warming but its not happening now and probably won’t happen for another thousand years.

  52. sign on

    Those wacky liberal scientists, they must of not been inhaling with Clinton when they wrote this obviously biased piece of crap. I mean relying on scientific data, hell, their graphs are scaled funny, they’re liars, volcanoes produce more CO2 than all of mankind in the history of forever, and radiographic pulses from the sun fry the earth every 77 years. I read this on the internet, therefore, I can contradict any bullshit scientist put on in “scientific” papers, and I have urls to prove it too.

  53. Observer on

    I haven’t seen anyone from the Global warming crowd explain how C02 (which is denser than air) floats up into the atmosphere to create the Greenhouse effect. It seem to defy physics to me. I think Lknight (see post above) has it right in his/her explaination of equilibrium changes due to temperature changes.

    Second, Isn’t our burning of fossil fuels and release of Co2 into the environment actually more like a nutrient to the plant world? So,would not more CO2 actually be beneficial to plant life – allowing plants to proliferate in drier climates, for example? Places in the world where displaced people are starving because their environment won’t support basic farming techniques. And with the plant proliferation, would that not support more animal life and generally improve living conditions for all animals, including humans?

    So Tom, with respect,(and at the risk of evoking another rant), I thought the burning of fossil fuels is necessary to promote economic prosperity in 3rd world countries. A side benefit may also include the ability to grow food and bio-diversify in currently barren areas. I do care about the people on this planet and am encouraged that current CO2 and temperature trends support this hypothesis.

    So, leaving the physics thing aside, I am willing to believe the speculation that mans effect on global warming is dangerous, but I haven’t been able to get around my own speculation and the Medieval Optimum thing, (just learned about that…need more info..) that this could actually be better for our environment and humanity.

    Your thoughts?

  54. Andy Fleming on

    “The sky is falling in!
    The sky is falling in!”

    I’m getting fed up of listening to this constant bleating about Global Warming.

    I’m in the UK and all the political parties have jumped on this bandwagon. So we are at the brink of an effective one party state on this one. How very communistic.

    How can we be so arrogant as to assume Humans are responsible for Global Warming, when we share the world with millions and millions of CO2 producing entities and there’s an immense Nuclear reactor in the sky above us? For instant, there are more flatulent cows then there are cars etc…

    Why can’t people engage their Common Sense once in a while and stop lapping up what European governments, with a chip on their shoulder about being the ‘cultural centre of thw world’ are saying.

    Carbon Dioxide is fundamental to life, it’s why we are here.

    What will they suggest next, banning fizzy drinks (that’s right the ‘carbonated’ ones’). I’m sure Coca-Cola will love that.
    Also how do you think alcohol ferments?
    They’ll be no more drunkeness in this Brave New World then.

    Various Religious and Political ideologies have mainly failed in their attempts at controlling the masses. Global Warming is just another attempt at it, dressed up in pseudo science to baffle some of us. Global Warming is like the Millinenium bug, a government enforced panic and a doomsday scenerio for our age, created by ‘experts’ to line their own pockets at the expense of personal liberty. The scientists who agree on Global Warming are only bothered about their next government grant.

    Why not read some Encyclopedias from the seventies and earlier about how the atmosphere is made up and the carbon cycle before they burn them, sorry, bury them.

    Where Stalin and Mao failed, Global Warming could triumph.
    Very scary.

    Remember the trick is to keep breathing.

  55. Rob J on

    It’s nice to see a discussion on Global Warming, but it appears there’s more talking at each other and ad hominems, then actual discussion of the contrary points. I’m no expert on the subject by any means, but I will share my observations. I’ve been a life long conservationist, and I have spent an enormous amount of time reading and listening to both sides. Of course only one side can readily be heard from the news. Our news agencies fail to provide all sides of the issue. They have decided for us mere mortals what is true and what is not. Still though, I can find no reason to agree with the popular conclusion that Global Warming is man made. The whole thing smells like a conspiracy of convenient non-truths. Why are Global Warming advocates afraid of peer review? Why is their only defense to decry the other as blasphemy and to denigrate the critic, instead of disproving their proof?

    There actions speak louder than their words. Fortunately there are still people who care about the truth and will take the time to really find it, to continually challenge our own beliefs, rather than looking for confirmation of our existing beliefs.

  56. glenn on

    i love global warming! it’s very nice! i get go out in man thong and sit in sun and get good tan in middle of winters! wewowwewoo! king in the castle, king in the castle!!

  57. Borat on

    my name Borat and i find you (glenn) very offending. i dont speak like dat! i have very nice accent and many girl like! It very NICE! How Much?!?!? by the wayz, i like ah the global, how you say…. Warming! it very nice!!!

  58. Borat again on

    everybodys have a very NICE Saint Patricks’s Dayz!!

  59. spencer on

    what a bunch of useful idiots you pro “global warming is the fault of us humans”(read “americans”) are to those who seek to screw you over with fear and lies….if it weren’t for human ingenuity and use of the planet’s resources, you dumbasses would be living in a log and munching on weeds and beetles..wake up..yes, man is a part of the environment,justlike bears, lions and poison ivy..but we are not the sole cause of the period of warming we are experiencing and to have the gall to think we can fix everything by allowing the governments of the to tax us to pay for “political science” and to believe the other useful idiots espousing a severely flawed idea is beyond’s dementia in the extreme.

  60. ATOMUS on

    Just wish to point out a little fact. PLANTS AND VEGETATION emit CO2 nocturnally (they emit O2 in the day) – ask any plant biologist or someone with a degree in this field (like me)!
    CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is a naturally produced gas – produced by ALL LIVING ORGANISMS. Bacteria and other microorganisms produce more CO2 than all humans put together could ever produce.

  61. ken on

    where is all the warm weather , can i have some ,dont get much of that here in nova scotia.

  62. JRL on

    I think the main issue here is the fact that mass media is concentrating on CO2 emmissions. One has to get informed and realize that, in the scientific community there is no debate about global warming. It is ONLY in the media, and amongst politicians for partisanship purposes, that there is a debate. Global warming is here. It’s real. It’s happenning even if we stop polluting and chopping down tress and all this very instant. But, for the sake of mankind, NOW is the time to do something about it. We can’t prevent the inevitable, but we can at least reduce the effects and consequences. It’s not just about CO2, it’s about recycling, buying food made locally (do you know how much fuel is burned by planes to get your oranges from, say, Florida to Montreal?), avoid plastics (espeically those damned individually wrapped snacks… they could at least individually wrap them in some paper or fiber that is biodegradable, like Quaker’s Oatmeal packets), etc.

    Act. Now. Please.

    Grass is growing in Antartica, islands have already submerged. The first south-hemispheric hurricane hit Brazil last year. Look at what happen in New Orleans (a teaser of what’s awaiting us within 50 years).

    Another thing preventing people from acting now, is because the change is, for now, so gradual, that they think it doesn’t matter since they won’t be alive when it happens. Hum, for about 75% of the Earth’s population, 2050 is within our lifetimes. It’s time to do something.

    By the way, I won’t find this site again, so no use trying to convince me otherwise on this site. You can always visit my site and flame me, or send me an email, but I stand by my opinion.

  63. grasshopper on

    Global Desctruction:

    Here we are, sitting in our comfy air conditioned and heated homes, on our new lifelines called computers. It’s easy behind a screen with a keyboard to “sell” our opinions to the world. Did you ever wonder how much energy it takes to run every computer rig in the world? Like the one you’re on right now?

    If you talk the talk on saving energy, WALK THE WALK. First, SHUT IT ALL DOWN! Sell your car and lawn mower, ride a bike, grow your own food, wash your clothes in a creek…. I think you see where I’m going here. IF you don’t do this while preaching of global warming, then guess what? (um…. you see…… there’s this little word called hypocrisy….)

    Predictors of world collapse have been around for ages and duh…. Surprise, NOT ONE has ever been right! Which leads to this:

    Arrogance. What kind of man thinks he knows when and how the world will end? A man who’s EGO acts as the anesthesia of his own stupidity. Do you actually believe you know when the planet is going to fold?

    Seems to me as though this same man should have figured out the answer to how the earth was formed too! Including: (all energy accounted for, elements, mode of transformation, etc.), how gravity works (not in theory mind you) and why my co-worker keeps picking his nose in full view for all to see!. I want all this, scientific information with undeniable proof only!

    There are sheep of science just as there are sheep of organized religion. Lack of self-awareness is what’s ruining this world and is the common thread in these two examples.

    So this global doomsday crap leads me here:

    FEAR!!!!!!! It takes a lot of time and effort to live in fear. After doing so for many years it wore me out.

    Like when I was a kid, “Wait till you father gets home.” Or later, “What if I don’t get that promotion,” or “What will others think of me,” or “I’m afraid I can’t do it,” “I don’t measure up to anyone else” blah blah blah… Do you see how fear-driven life can be? Being afraid is a familiar, comfortable place to live, isn’t it?

    So, gaze into your crystal ball of “earth fever”, bite your nails and ask yourself: What purpose does my fear really serve?

    If you want to live in fear of tomorrow, go ahead. That’s a choice you make isn’t it? There are better things for me to do today, like enjoy it.

  64. Alan Stanwick on

    CO2. Hasn’t that carbon atom and that oxygen atom always existed – just in different states? Isn’t the earth a closed system (aside fromt the heat of the sun and the accasional asteroid)? When a tree dies, doesn’t it release all of the CO2 that it took in over the coarse of it’s lifetime back into the atmosphere (as when it’s burned)? Where’s the net gain coming from that’s causing increased CO2 levels? If it’s our fossil fuels, then we’re just releasing the carbon that’s been trapped from an age were it must have been abundant. The only solution is to plant more trees, chop them down and shoot them out into space (this will give NASA a hobby). But don’t shoot them into the sun ’cause this would make the sun hotter and thus defeat the purpose. You guys only talk about the problem. Be like me and solve it.

  65. Learner on

    Has anyone performed a student’s t test on this data to determine if this covariance is in fact significant? Since when to scientists no longer have to test their data for significance ;?

    Here’s to ATOMUS 🙂

  66. Gergenator on

    I’m actually heartened to see how many posts on here are from people who’ve figured out that man-made climate change is laughable and arrogant beyond measure. Never before have I seen “scientific consensus” coming out of such pathetically bad science. Of course, anyone who has done their homework knows that the scientific consensus referred to is always traced back to the UN’s IPCC report, which prompted resignations, lawsuits and protests from many of the scientists whose names were on that report, because of deletions, omissions and downright lies contained within. A few tidbits to raise your eyebrows:

    – The Vostok ice core data (which is the cornerstone of Al Gore’s inconvenient half-truths) shows a correlation between rising CO2 and warmer temps. What he fails to mention is that CO2 levels TRAIL warmer temps by about 800 years. In other words, it gets warmer first then CO2 levels rise.
    – When you graph CO2 increase against actual temperature the correlation is poor; when you graph temperature variation against fluctuating output from the sun, the correlation is very good.
    – Human beings’ contribution to atmospheric CO2 is less than 5% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere; furthermore, CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas overall.
    – The models predicting greenhouse warming all say that the temperature should rise faster in the troposhere than at the Earth’s surface if it’s warming from the greenhouse effect – weather balloons and satellite data both show more warming at the planet’s surface
    – The climate models used to legitimize man-made global warming also say that a warmer planet will have less of a temperature differential between the poles and the equator – this means there should be (by their own models) LESS severe weather, not more.

    I could go on and on, but you get the point. Those of you who see through the anti-capitalist, anti-western charade that is being perpetrated on the world – arm yourself with good, solid science and don’t be bullied into submission. Once you engage true believers in a conversation you will discover how little actual knowledge they have on this topic, and how much is just parroted from the media.

  67. gavin on

    they transposed the temperature and co2 from the ice core samples the two graphs. The co2 rises almost 800 years after the temperature goes up however that deceptive graph makes it look almost simultaneous. All lies.

  68. JEFF on

    Sad, Sad, Sad, first of all as a Canadian stop degrading the poor hockey stick by associating it with that graph!!Second i feel as if i have to aplogize for all Canadians for the recent mis guided policy of our conservative government that felt it had to recently implement a made in canada global warming policy. I applaud them for having the guts not to adopt the kyoto accord which was even more mis guided. However I can not forgive them for being falling for this global warming hype that has been shown on this website to be very debatable. Even more shame, that david suzuki has turned into such an al gore supporter and ego maniac that he will ignore the bad science and further tarnish his reputation in order to further his (and his ilks) goal of using global warming as a prop to try and redistribute the worlds wealth.
    I guess the left wing environmentalists have conluded that since our kids are so poorly educated in science today this is thier big chance to get away with the big lie ,why not do it?
    This issue will come out in history books 200 years from now, like when we read in the history books today how people 500 years ago thought the world was flat. However reading this website today has given me hope that many people are not fooled by this bad science,

  69. Ken on

    Fact: CO2 occupies 0.035% of the atmosphere. If it doubled it would only be 0.07%. We can all live with that. 99.9% of all the world’s CO2 is at ground level or below, 71% being dissolved in the oceans.

    Fact: Like CO and N2O, CO2 is heavier than air. By how much? The molecular weight of air is 29, that of CO2 is 44, nearly double. CFCs have a MW of 100. It is therefore utterly impossible for these super-heavy gases to rise to form a ‘greenhouse cover.’ Wind and diffusion can transport gases but that is to do with mother nature, not man, and the warmers are claiming a rising of gases is taking place due purely to humans and quite apart from wind, thermals, tornadoes and whatever else the processes of nature will do. Our question is, what can possibly make heavier than air gases rise 20 miles to get above 99% of the atmosphere and significantly increase the constant water-vapor-dominated greenhouse cover that enables life to continue to thrive at an average temperature of 13-15degC on the surface of this planet?

    CO2 does not rise. If it did, fire extinguishers wouldn’t work. A party balloon blown up with the breath would fly straight upwards as if it was filled with helium. Moreover CO2 dissolves in seawater. More CO2 produced just means more is going to dissolve. Scientists are still trying to find out the finer points of how it gets from the sea to the trees. They know of the great cycle in which land goes under other land, heats and spews out as volcanoes. CO2 is thrown out and drifts with rain to ground, gets into trees as CO2 and into rocks as CO3, than finds its way back to the sea, then into chalk, which is compressed plankton, and then to the seafloor which becomes part of the continental drift which produces volcanoes at its extremities. CO2 is kept aloft by upper level turbulence. Otherwise it is always drifting down, not up. CO2 is found in centuries-old ice in Antarctica, way before any industrialisation on Earth. It is a natural part of the atmosphere and as such has a stable cycle of its own.

  70. Ken on

    Check out ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’

  71. Graham on

    There is some sort of movement where people join so they can feel like they are making a difference and have something to believe in.
    It’s called the global warming movement. It’s a virtual religion.
    Of course scientifically it’s all bullshit but the important lesson is that the social situ is in such a state that this sort of religuous bandwagon can come into existence.
    It’s not about science or climate at all.
    It’s about the many lost masses needing something to glom onto that they can “get into” and feel that they can make a difference in this world.
    The massacre at Virginia Tech is essentially the same thing on a small one person scale albeit in a more criminalistic mode.
    The new sprouting religion is really a statement on the sad psycological state of the uneducated masses. Politicians are caching in big time on it.
    You don’t really think Steven Harper is that stupid do you? But he had to do an appearance turnaround because there are so many morons addicted to this climate control movement.
    If the population had been kept under control and nuclear power had been developed to cope with peak oil, then the world gots no real probs.
    But since our leaders for the last 50 years have had the vison and forethought of school children we are now pretty well forked.
    We need a population reduction.
    The only thing wrong with a big plague is that it does not discriminate between liberal whack jobs and more educated folk.
    Peace out.

  72. PHD on

    Check out this site for a huge collection of stuff about the global warming movement.

  73. GWisrubbish on

    If you look at graphs 3 and 4 you will notice CO2 lags behind temperature by 800 years, meaning temp actually increases CO2, as increased temp releases CO2 from oceans, as water absorbs OC2 very readily at colder temperatures.

    GW is BS, the IPCC top 2500 scientists is made up of actually 4 divisions, the last 3 are all political, the 1st has 11 scientists, all of which are classed as world-class scientists, when there not simply.

    Humans make 6.8 billion tonnes of CO2 a year, oceans make hundreds of billions of tonnes.

    If an extra 6.8 billion tonnes of CO2 actually manages to destroy a planet for life to live on in a matter of just 400 years, then we have a pathetic planet.

    Adn lets say GW is real, who cares?
    We cant live like cavemen, use earth for what its worth, and move on to the next best planet.

  74. harry potter on

    yes i agree strpngly with ron and homiony

  75. Scott on

    I’m resurrecting this “random thought” to add something important.

    Listen kids –

    Topic number one – Global Warming IS NOT, I REPEAT IS NOT bull. However, the idea that we (humans) cause it IS MOST LIKELY ABSOLUTE rubbish. Temperature increase patterns prove NOTHING… such patterns have been proven to have existed before humans, and are caused by everything from wind to the Earth’s pitch towards the sun!

    Note however (before the flames begin), I did NOT say it IS rubbish, but that it MOST LIKELY is rubbish. (We’ll get to that in a few sentences)

    Second – I cannot stand these cross-bearing politicians (COUGH Al Gore COUGH) calling CO2 a horrible poison. Like it or not, no CO2 = No Plants = Less Oxygen = BIG problems for us.

    Finally – Now that we’ve established the EXISTANCE of global warming, let’s talk about how we know WHAT’s causing it.

    The standard computer model to project Global Warming does not take MANY things into account, such as solar flares, Earth’s ever-changing surface area facing the sun, etc., etc., etc.

    So to wrap this up – because I’m getting tired – how ’bout we just all wait and find out the results of NASA’s study of Western Antarctica, which WILL be the FINAL say on who/what is causing GW.

  76. Zaia on

    Man is destroying Mother Earth. My professor says in ten years, we will have raised oceanic levels by more than 12 feet. If you drive your car for 30 miles, you just melted 3 cubic tons of a glacier. Humans should be wiped out and let Earth and all the animals live in peace. Fascist America will ruin the world in even less than 10 years if we don’t do something now. I try to breath less so I won’t expell so much CO2. We all have a responsibility. Stop driving. Ride bikes. Quit eating animal flesh. We aren’t barbarians, you know. When Bush crashed those planes into WTC, 5 whole glaciers melted, according to real scientific data.

    • zaia hater on

      what the HELL are you talking about. go ahead and do that. Everyone else will stand laughing at your stupidity.

  77. smarter than you on

    Anyone who buys into the PC “Global Warming is a Terrible Problem” horseshit will completely deserve every bit of egg (and there will be plenty) that they get on their face after the next 15 years passes….Your professors who you worship are socialist bastard global warming dick head morons….Oh and just in case you are confused, there is no such thing as real scientific data, it doesn’t exist, it’s ALL CONTRIVED… Historical facts are witnesses there. Wake up brain dead dumb asses… made global warming is complete horseshit. we couldn’t hurt this planet even if we wanted to. It’s not delicate…This Bitch is tougher than nails and laughs at us all fucking day long….pull your mind numbingly stupid heads out of your…wait a minute, on second thought, just leave them there….

  78. smarter than you on

    No…you don’t have to keep an “open mind” on this issue….what that sort of niceness suggests is that every viewpoint has some amount of validity….UTTER NONSENSE…call it like you see it…too many posts here are by namby pamby “I don’t want to offend anyone” pussies….

    Political Correctness must die. Where are the fucking men in this country??? What a bunch of wussy ass candy asses have we become? “Oh I don’t want to say something that mught hurt somebodies feelings”….FUCK YOU!!!!!

    Pull your fucking Head out, turn off your god damned TV, and start thinking for yourself!!!

  79. Jim Rennison on


    All anthropogenic CO2 releases are SMALLER than the error in the tabulations of the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Really.


    All air transportation accounts for only 3% of anthropogenic CO2 releases.


    All ground transportation accounts for only 10% of anthropogenic CO2 releases.


    Humans have been releasing CO2 in ‘significant’ quantities for only ~60 years.


    Atmospheric CO2 levels have been increasing for hundreds of years.


    Global temperatures have been increasing for hundreds of years.


    Increases in atmospheric CO2 levels ALWAYS begin AFTER global temperature increases, as is the case currently.

    These are the facts; I invite you to draw your own conclusions from these facts.

  80. C Nash Wiliams on

    To all the climatologists. I am so sorry that your profession’s employment levels are being reduced by computers and automation. However, I do not intend to give you fools money for the purpose of providing employment under false pretenses.
    Sorry, the ruse is not going to work. Get a real Job, sweety.
    Now, would you, so called “scientists”, please explain to the world why CO2 levels (in your own graphs) follow the temperature increases, rather than lead them? You guys have a real problem here, don’t you? Would you also explain why temperatures have been decreasing in the countryside rather than where you make measurments (in the cities). While you are at it, would you explain the rational for weighting the temperature studies with data from populated areas. Was it simply to make your false theories work, because you think everybody else, is an idiot? Or, was it because you are simply idiots.
    Global Warming is a theory based on highly flawed statistical analysis.
    That is the ONE thing that has been proven (by peer review) concerning the climate.

  81. Mark Sutton on

    In the late 70’s we were told that by the year 2000 half the population of Europe and North America would die as a result of population explosion and associated diseases caused by industrial pollution.( Paul Erlich – “The Population Bomb”)
    In the late 70’s we we warned that the Earth is heading for an ice age – “since World War 2 temperatures on Earth have steadily declined and the glaciers are coming”.
    In the 80’s we were told that by 2000 cities would need insulated domes over them to protect people from radiation caused by the hole in the ozone layer. Global warming is also bullshit!!!!!

  82. Ricky Lusk on

    The figures never Lie, only the Figurers

    The chart used in this article was already discredited and even the ones who created the chart removed it from thier research. They took two seperate charts using two different types of data and overlaid them.
    Global Warming is a hoax created by a generation that Needs to feel special. To be the one in history to have saved the world from itself.

  83. Andy Fleming on

    Just what are you trying to prove with those graphs? It would seem that we are ready for a downturn in CO2, ahen comapared to the already established pattern, as we are now at a peak.

  84. yoseff on

    Quick question, if it’s not CO2 causing the warming trend, then what is it? Increases in solar irradiance? Nope. Incoming solar irradiance is decreasing in a complete opposite pattern than carbon dioxide.

    Oh, and the great global warming swindle is a joke at best. Dude didn’t even present all of the IPCC’s graphs from the 70’s – modern day to let the viewer make a decision. Rather, he chose one from the 70’s that helped push his story. Absolute rubbish.

    It doesn’t matter where the carbon dioxide is coming from, the bottom line is that it’s increasing and will cause other feedbacks to continue the warming trend. As humans, everyone agrees were contributing. It’s ridiculous to not plan for it. We plan for other potential problems so we can be somewhat prepared, and it makes sense to do the same for warming. Oh yeah, people are lazy, biased, selfish, and don’t want to give up the good life to potential help down the road.

  85. yogiudo on

    I don’t understand why people believe because they vote republican that they should “disagree” with global warming.

    They are completely unrelated issues. Chemistry doesn’t care who is in the whitehouse. You can ignoring it if you want but that wont make it disappear.

  86. yogiudo on

    I guess the mass extinction of species is not man made either?

    Darn those pesky scientists, they must all be liberals and commies.

    How dare you try to blame global warming on MY industrial oil complex/cartel.

  87. yoseff on

    yoguido —

    because people, on both the left and right, are too damn lazy to actually research things. you could come up with the same analogy for far left leaning people for something else. Case in point every time a retarded celebrity speaks about doing things to help the environment or save the dolphins. the bottom line is that people take what the see or hear at face value, and spew it back to others….who take it in and run with it.

    Here’s a test: listen to 1 hour of Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, Hannity etc each day. Then listen to 1 hour of very liberal talk shows, and get back to me. You’ll be amazed at how convincing people can be if you listen to the same thing over and over and over again. Then think about who listens to what, and what it is that they REALLY know. The answer: not much, but it seems like they know what they’re talking about.

  88. SOBO on

    You know what, global warming is bullshit, people have been around for thousands of years and now we’re just are barely realizing this shit now, if we’ve been around for thousands of years and our scientist are so smart they should have caught this a long ass time ago, this is just another way for stupid fucks to make money and if their not making money they just want to be heard and recognized for nothing because people still arent listening. we dont have nearly enough proof because if this shit is real it sure as fuck isnt affecting me the earth just got a little hot shit happens, they say the earth is alive maybe its sick were not at fault we’re barely at the crust of this big planet how can humans who are so tiny compared to earth even as a group destroy it, we must be great fucking beings to do something like that, FUCK AL GORE peace im out T.S.S.

  89. smart guy teacher person on

    okey your right the earth is getting hotter little by little, but it is not our fault. the earth rotates around the sun. correct? the earth doesn’t rotate in a circle it rotates in an oval, hence seasons. correct? now do you really think the earth rotates in a PERFECT oval? of course not the oval get bigger and smaller. at an ice age the oval is bigger becouse what matter is in space does capture some of the heat, whereas when the oval is smaller earth gets really hot. at the moment since the last ice age when the earth froze over the earth oval has been getting smaller, hence when the ice began to melt and early humans crossed from europe to north america. when the liberals came out with global warming and some biologist were with them the ASTROLOGISTS said it was bullshit.the liberals however shut them up and you don’t hear much about how global warming is bullshit on the news right? the liberals control most tv stations and radios an exception would be fox news. the same planetary orbit change is most likely happening with mars and the other planets. FUCK THE LIBERALS! they don’t know BULLSHIT!
    c yah hope i helped and sorry for the grammer it’s midnight and i’m fuckin tired.

  90. smart guy teacher person on

    yeah i was reading more of these posts and… zaia if you think humans should be wiped out go stick a gun in yur mout and blow your fuckin head off after you pull it out of yur fuckin ass!!!!

  91. Matthew Villani on

    You sound like Al Gore. Making bold assertions without any real proof to back them up, but the “proof” you use is from outdated, outmoded, graphs.

    In the 70s and 80s, it was Global Cooling. Our pollution was blocking out the sun pushing us into an ice age. In the 90s and 00s it became Global Warming. It changes whenever the temperature trend changes.

    I won’t deny that the Earth is warming overall, but I will doubt that global warming is caused by man. Afterall, in a more updated graph, it shows the Medivel Warm Period being warmer than today. Surely that global warming wasn’t caused by the US and SUVs, neither of which existed back then.

    During the Little Ice Age, it cooled off. Of course it’s warmer now, we’re coming out of the Little Ice Age.

    So what’s the real cause of global warming and global cooling? Water vapor. Water vapor is the biggest greenhouse gas there is, it’s 97% of all greenhouse gasses. The other 3% is a mix of CO2 and other gasses. Humans amount to 0.3% of all global climate change. Yes, 0.3% And most of that is from methane from cows passing gas, not from American culture.

    The increased water vapor and CO2 is mostly from underwater volcanoes. It has an effect similar to when you open a warm bottle of Pepsi vs a cold bottle of Pepsi. Eventually precipitation will increase, causing the dry Arctic to be overwhelmed with snow, and the advancing snowpack will promote cooling. This will happen with or without man.

    To be honest, I don’t know whether the Earth is warming or not right now, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with SUVs.

  92. Dennis Revell on

    Alan Stanwick on April 23rd, 2007 said (in “”):

    “Where’s the net gain coming from that’s causing increased CO2 levels? If it’s our fossil fuels, then we’re just releasing the carbon that’s been trapped from an age were it must have been abundant.”

    Yes. Created by photosynthesis a LONG time ago, aka really ancient SUN light that is multi-millions of years old. Part of which – a significant part of which has been/is/will be anthropogenically re-released. Not quite like having 2 Suns burning above the Earth; but unarguably more than one: “one point something”. Are you capable of understanding that?

    You man-made Climate Change Deniers, and no doubt future Holocaust Deniers to be, or your no doubt immensely dumbed down children, if you/they survive, seem to have evolved to the level of the tapeworm in the exercise of logic.

    Mind you, most of you probably don’t believe in evolution either. Point in your favour: you’re almost living proof. On the other hand, a probably more than counterbalancing point in my favour is that you really do put the last nail in the coffin of all the “Intelligent” Design BS.

    “Be like me and solve it.”

    Presumably referring to noughts-and-crosses (tic-tac-toe for Americans).

  93. Dennis Revell on

    1) smart guy teacher person (sgtp) on October 12th, 2007 said (in “”)

    “okey your right the earth is getting hotter little by little, but it is not our fault. the earth rotates around the sun. correct? the earth doesn’t rotate in a circle it rotates in an oval, hence seasons. correct?”

    NO, not correct, you utterly hopelessly dumb person. Try a LITTLE research – though I was taught this in Junior School (ie: up to age 11 in the UK). The SLIGHTLY oval orbit of the Earth around the Sun has ZERO, ZILCH, NADA to to with the Seasons. These are entirely caused by the tilt of the Earth being maintained in a contant direction as the Earth traverses that orbit (this precesses one full circle every 26,000 years). So in the NORTHERN Winter the Northern Hemisphere is tilted AWAY from the Sun, and the SOUTHERN Hemisphere towards the Sun where it’s their SUMMER. The South’s Autumn (Fall for the benefit of untravelled dumb Americans, of which variety there seem lamentably many; in the majority going off recent elections, and lack of outright riot thereafter) is the North’s Spring.

    Summer North of the Equator is simultaneous with Winter South of the Equator, and vice-versa. This should be clear even to some of the deeply inexpressibly idiotic persons here.

    As a matter of fact, right now the Northern Summer corresponds pretty closely with the FURTHEST distance of Earth from the Sun in traversing its orbit, and the Northern Winter the CLOSEST that the Earth gets to the Sun.

  94. Dennis Revell on

    2) Something known as “Milankovitch cycles” are the collective effect of changes in the Earth’s movements upon its climate – Wiki has a not bad article on these:

    Anyone who thinks the climate modellers don’t understand all this, and incorporate it into their thinking, has toad droppings for brains. No GW Scientist, for want of a better phrase, worth their salt has EVER denied that historic and prehistoric temperature rises PRECEDE CO2 rises; some clumsy amateurs seeing the graphs have probably jumped to the opposite conclusion, spouted off about it, and so given the howling barking fascist Jackals such as Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and those militaristic fascist Jackboot nutjobs over at “Free”Republic a propaganda opening they gladly pounced on – like the slavering Jackals they are.

    The fact is that the physics and chemistry of CO2 is very well known and understood, in particular its interaction in excitement and relaxation with electromagnetic radiation. Sadly, it relaxes (re-radiates) the atmosphere-transparent radiation it captures as atmosphere-opaque (or more so) radiation. It doesn’t have to be a layer high up in the atmosphere to do this, as some dumb schlucks here seem to have assumed – evidently taking the analogy to a greenhouse too far. In fact, more of the denser CO2 existing at lower altitudes (though molecular velocities are quite high, so it is pretty well spread), makes the problem WORSE. Because then, even if a CO2 or other GHG molecule were to relax to release exactly the same wavelength of radiation it absorbed, the released radiation has to make it all the way back up through 200 miles (roughly) of atmosphere without colliding with more Sunlight absorbing molecules on the way out in order to contribute positively to the Earth’s Albedo – and not to heating of the Earth. Some of the lesser dumb schlucks here ought to be able to see that for any ONE such molecule, only about 50% (very slightly more) of re-radiated photons will even have the right direction to make it back out to space.

    The reason why historic and prehistoric CO2 levels appear to follow temperature rise, and it does, though “appear” is still an appropriate word here, is quite disturbing. It’s already been mentioned here – the oceans are a HUGE store of CO2, but much less so when temperatures rise. Warmed oceans will release their huge store MUCH MORE QUICKLY, with much greater SENSITIVITY to temperature than temperature will rise in and of itself just by injecting some known quantity of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is POSITIVE feedback, and as every sound engineer will know, an effect that has been known to run away with itself.

  95. Dennis Revell on

    3) The rest of smart guy teacher person’s (sgtp) post is also utter crap. He either puts great weight on ASTROLOGISTS, and laments their lack of coverage on the Global Warming issue in the media, which is of course idiotic, or he doesn’t know the difference between an astrologer and an astronomer, which is also idiotic.

    Anyone who thinks the liberals control most tv stations and radios in fascist America truly truly truly truly has toad turds for brains; and obviously hasn’t travelled much, except possibly perhaps to distant foreign exotic places to meet foreign exotic people and blow the shit out of them as a member of the US’s JACKBOOT military.

    A “liberal” media that despite admitting its “mistakes” on parroting the propaganda of the worst Government ever of the worst and most dangerous country ever in the history of … er … well … in the history of history, in the run up to the Iraq War Atrocity, nevertheless takes the identical path concerning the BS Admin/Cheney generated propaganda against Iran.

    He finishes with:

    “FUCK THE LIBERALS! they don’t know BULLSHIT!”

    Whereas he/she/it, as demonstrated above, is a regular fucking Einstein. Let me counter remonstrate, though without ‘shouting’: Fuck the American Fascists of both main parties, especial opprobrium going to the cowardly lying Democratic Party leadership, Pelosi et alia, for not doing ALL in their power to put an end to the largest War Crime this century so far – the US rape and conquest of Iraq.


    “it’s midnight and i’m fuckin tired.”

    As also amply demonstrated here, being tired is the least of its problems; orders of magnitude down compared with being as dumb as a bucket of toad excrement.

    Sgtp also mentions Fox News in an admiring tone. Give me a break. That should be Fox “News”. Don’t get me started …

    Speaking of Fox “News” just reminded me, the idea that Government employed scientists make all this GW stuff up, when they’re employed by the most anti-environmental anti GG control “Government” in the World, a Government with hands deep in the pocket of big oil; and which “Government” has applied pressure and intimidation to try to GAG those scientists (eg: James Hansen, NASA GISS) is just more of the fascist wing in the US doing what fascists have always done everywhere – exchange truth for lies one for one and call it “news”. What utterly evil pigs. (with all due apologies to real pigs of the four footed variety).

    I most sincerely hope that smart guy teacher person, is NOT a teacher; get ready for another generation of dumbed-down brainwashed American little tykes if he is. Whether a teacher or not, one thing amply demonstrated above: he’s NOT smart, obviously the opposite. I wonder if he’s related to that immensely dumb US teacher NASA chose out of the thousands I presume it vetted to send to the Antarctic for some school-Antarctic collaboration webcast thing a few years ago? I remember Bill Curtis doing it live on the Discovery Channel, or some such. She standing at the South Pole, Curtis asks her what time is it where she is; she fumbles, stammers and looks at her watch, not having the slightest clue what Curtis was on about – to Curtis’s obvious embarassment too, so he rapidly moved on to the next question: He then asked her which direction was she facing – similar unbelievable dumb fumbling reaction, minus the looking at the watch thing.

  96. Jeff on

    Man made global warming is bullshit. Period.

  97. Jeff on

    Hey Dennis,

    You are truly a misguided liberal anti-american dolt. Do you not support the military effort? Don’t you realize that 3000 people died at the hands of the radical Muslim extremists? Why are you so angry? WE were attacked. We did not initiate this conflict with Muslim terrorists. You need to grow a set and stop whining. Fuck global warming. Fuck your bullshit sensitivities. And fuck you if you don’t like what America stands for.

  98. Dennis Revell on

    TRY 2:
    Ignoring the pathetic attempts at insults from Jeff, evidently a fan of the slavering howling militaristic fascist Jackals at “Free”Republic; probably Mike Savage, Hannity, Limbaugh and Pat Robertson to boot, he asks:

    “Do you not support the military effort?”

    In Iraq, NOT ONE JOT, I hope the TRUE Axis of Evil (US/UK/Australia) LOSES. In Afghanistan, well, I used to be more ambivalent on that, but NOW, even there, partly after US atrocities like Dasht-el-lili, but mainly insofar as events there might contribute to a defeat of the TRUE Axis of Evil IN IRAQ, well, the worst of luck to ya. I hope that isn’t too much prevarication for you.

    In any case, I’m in good company with Albert Einstein in general opinion of the military. He said:

    “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable an ignoreable war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”

    The only act of a military person engaged in a SO OBVIOUSLY illegal atrocity that is IN ANY WAY HONOURABLE or WORTHY OF RESPECT is to refuse to serve or go AWOL:

    “Why are you so angry?”

    Oh, that’s easy. Whilst far from perfect, I figure I’m a pretty decent human being. That should be enough that mass murder, War Crimes, Torture, and all that, based on false pretences by some components (mainly US, UK, also Australia – the REAL Axis of Evil) of the so-called advanced “civilised” West to be fairly enraging. The icing on the cake is that all this was enabled by my country of origin – by Tony Blair – because even with your immensely duplicitous, cowardly and weak-kneed Congress, without Tony’s nod and wink to the lies being told them about Iraq by Bush/Cheney and their fellow Liars – Tony’s involvement in all this eventually and undoubtedly leading to the London bombs (see this: – there is no way that the White House War Criminals would have got the Congressional votes required for their murderous rape and pillage of Iraq – which, btw, was planned BEFORE 9/11 – see this:

    Plus there were all the maps of Iraqi oil fields that emerged when Cheney had a rare legal loss, and they became public, presumably as a FOIA action. The maps were part of the WH’s secret dealings with US energy companies in meetings again BEFORE 9/11.

    “Don’t you realize that 3000 people died at the hands of the radical Muslim extremists?”

    Yes, I did hear something about that. Thing is not a single one of the perpetrators was from Iraq, and even had they been, their actions would certainly not have been known about in advance or sanctioned by the former Iraqi Government, which was illegally, and most murderously, overthrown by your own (and mine).

    You see, as seems pretty certain, being as you are the almost impossibly perfect stereotype of the all too common, really dumb, brainwashed American, you probably wouldn’t know that Saddam Hussein and ?former? CIA protege Osama Bin Laden THOROUGHLY hated each other’s guts. In fact OBL had called for the overthrow of Hussein, and it appears that his ?former? friends duly obliged.

    You really think that much of the World, which, and as was I, immensely sympathetic, and mostly even eager to help, following 9/11, now that the false-pretence use of that has resulted in the deaths – the MASS MURDER – of at least 1,000,000 Iraqis, really ought to still give much of a shit about what is now in the scale of things – given the massive and utter atrocities committed in its name – a MINOR incident. 1,000,000 (plus of course, untold numbers of Afghans unnecessarily killed (murdered again) owing to the legendary trigger happy nature of your beloved US military) versus 3,000? Do the math(s).

    Unless, of course, you’re suggesting that American lives are worth more than those of non-Americans. Of course you are. As all nationalistic fascists have always done concerning their respective nationalities.

    Yes. Like a lot of people I did a lot of reading after 9/11. It was very educational, but not at all pleasant. Truly, I am now more upset at the far more murderous 9/11 that the US caused to occur in Chile in 1973, overthrowing the democratically elected Government there, at Ronald Raygun, another US War Criminal, though much lied about and falsely lauded in the brainwashing US mainstream media, at Ronald Raygun seeing to the deaths of 80,000 El Salvadoreans, at the US representative (may have been the Ambassador) in Nicaragua, announcing that if the people voted for Daniel Ortega (in THEIR elections) that ANOTHER 30,000 Nicaraguans would die (Oliver North, Iran-Contra, CIA drugs for guns – ring any bells?)

    Let’s have a summary of what America stands for. With about 5% of the World’s population, it consumes 25% of the World’s resources, and not surprisingly given that, it produces 25% of the World’s pollution. Internally, and that 25% figure seems to have something mysterious about it – the US, land of the free, home of the bullshit, is also home to 25% of the World’s prison inmates.

    In the US there are more people than twice the population of Cuba without health care coverage. In that beleaguered island, of course, everyone and their uncles have excellent access to excellent health care.

    Not to mention the unrelenting visitation of death and destruction on foreign peoples virtually from the second the US was instituted – even accelerated following WW II largely through the agency of the largest, best funded, and most successful TERRORIST organisation of all time – the CIA.

    I haven’t the time to address more of your nonsense, such as why “we did not initiate this conflict … etc … ” isn’t entirely, or even nearly true; or to give a run down of US interferences around the World in the governance of other places and consequent atrocities, which basically have been non-stop ever since the US overthrew the Constitutional monarchy and elected government of Hawai’i in the 1890s – again on faked up pretexts.

    I guess the most successful genocide in modern history – that of the North American natives – being mostly over by the 1890s, gave the US time to look abroad. Pity to the World. I don’t suppose you’re aware, being the perfect stereotype of the ignorant dumb American, that Adolf Hitler spoke in glowing terms of the treatment meted out to the Native Americans. You beat him to it handsomely in the genocide stakes.

    He learned from the masters, in turn you learned from him: Shock & Awe = Blitzkrieg.

    Ghandi was asked by journalists on a visit to the cotton mills in Northern England what he thought of Western Civilisation. He replied with more prescience than even he probably knew:

    “I think it would be a good idea”

    OK, I tried, but I can’t resist it:

    “You need to grow a set and stop whining.”

    Wheras YOU need to exchange brains, as right now, you’re so full of shit, you’re breath must smell awful.

    “Fuck global warming.”

    Well, it seems unlikely that that’s what you mean, but I kind of agree with you. Global Warming should be fucked. If it’s denied or just ignored anyway, it won’t be fucked. In ALL probability, it WILL fuck ALL of us (which would be OK if were just you and your apparently beloved JACKBOOT military that it was going to fuck, but I don’t think it will be able to tell the difference).

    “Fuck your bullshit sensitivities.”

    Well, coming back with such a flaming response as you did really makes it look as though YOU’RE the sensitive one. Someone obviously rattled your cage. I mean before I did.

    Anyway, as you can see, I’m really sensitive. Better than being the opposite: Insensible.

    “And fuck you if you don’t like what America stands for.”

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt in that if you have some shreds of decency, seems unlikely on present evidence, then you obviously are steeped in such an unfathomably deep pit of ignorance as to just WHAT it is that America does stand for. If you really don’t have a clue as to what that is, that might just mean there’s hope for you as a decent humane being. I’ll give you a hint: what talking heads (esp. politicans) say it stands for, and what it ACTUALLY does stand for bear ABSOLUTELY no relation to each other, except as roughly approximate OPPOSITES.

    If that’s wrong, and you truly really do know what America stands for, then FUCK YOU treble times over for liking what America stands for:

    Your choice: ignorant and (possibly) decent, or knowledgeable and (DEFINITELY) not decent, in fact evil.

    As far as most of the rest of the World is concerned (which I realise, as you’ve probably never even been out of your county, let alone country, you don’t give a fuck about) AWOL stands for American Way of Life – the US is absent without leave from the valid concerns of most of Earth’s population.

  99. Dennis Revell on

    What is this place?

    Censorship that merely persists until someone complains about it?

    Where’s my reply to Jeff, the “Free”Republic Jerk? I tried to post it twice this time.

    Admittedly, “Free”Republic would be the more appropriate place for it, but, hey, those howling yelping slavering militaristic fascist Jackals really do exercise strict censorship.

  100. Dennis Revell on

    … oops and I forgot to say …

    … and it WAS the Jerk, not me, who changed the tone to be more appropriate to “Free”Republic …

  101. Morgan Wright on

    Here is the problem. The northern hemisphere is getting warmer now, since around 1987, and the southern hemisphere is getting colder. From 1960 to 1980 the northern hemisphere was getting colder and guess what? The southern hemisphere was hot as blazes. They switch like this and it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. The “average” global temperature always means the northern hemisphere because that’s where all the weather stations are. Nobody cares about the southern hemisphere and they act as if it doesn’t matter.

  102. Dennis Revell on

    Morgan Wright writes (in “”):

    “Here is the problem. The northern hemisphere is getting warmer now, since around 1987, and the southern hemisphere is getting colder.”

    I’ve no idea why that is a problem. No references are given that might even give the slightest hint as to why it might be a problem.

    “From 1960 to 1980 the northern hemisphere was getting colder and guess what? The southern hemisphere was hot as blazes. They switch like this and it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide.”

    Well, probably not directly related to carbon dioxide would be a far more accurate statement. It’s not overly shocking that there’s a see-saw effect or at least some effect that should be observable, owing to there being ENORMOUSLY more high heat capacity water in the Southern Hemisphere than there is in the North – this itself will at least weakly imply a lack of synchronicity between what Northern and Southern climates do.

    “The “average” global temperature always means the northern hemisphere because that’s where all the weather stations are. Nobody cares about the southern hemisphere and they act as if it doesn’t matter.”

    Well, apart from the multitude of research stations in Antarctica, I suppose. Of course weather satellites are also now in very common use. Now if only we could figure out a way to stop them wasting half their time in the Southern Hemisphere, which, as Morgan Wright states, nobody cares about, and spend it all in the North. But that can’t be done; it’s celestially impossible: Every satellite ever lauched (or will be launched) spends exactly the same amount of time in the Southern as the Northern Hemisphere; unless its orbit is exactly equatorial, in which case it spends no time in either. Come on guys, it’s not rocket science.*

    It is true that these North/South cycles will exist without increasing carbon dioxide, but that’s not to say the violence of their swings and possibly differentials between North and South won’t increase with increasing carbon dioxide.

    It looks like Morgan Wright is throwing in a diversionary red herring with this post, a well-known technique of the propaganda of Climate Change Denial: “Here’s a **phenomenon** that exists whether carbon dioxide increases or not, hence carbon dioxide is not a problem”. Complete bullshit of course.

    *Ooops, my mistake, actually it IS rocket science.*

    **Note that Morgan Wright’s “problem” is replaced here with the more accurate word in this context of “phenomenon”.**

  103. Jeff on

    Hey Denny,

    My “pathetic attempt at insults” must have struck a nerve. You certainly wrote one hell of a lengthy response following my “attempt”. You are obviously unable to see things as they really are, or you do not decide to do so. You must really be in a miserable state of mind for you to be so unhappy and negative, and you obviously want people to be unhappy and negative with you. Misery loves company, right? You may think that because of my previous comments regarding your previous post/s that I am negative. I am not. But I have a hard time reading the sort of tripe that you write without commenting. You are truly a legend in your own mind.

  104. Jeff on

    Hey Denny,

    When is global warming (man-made of course) going to fuck me and my JACKBOOT military? Ten years? Fifteen years? In the 1980’s some “experts” and celebrities like(Ted Danson for one) were saying that it would be a problem within 10 years. Whoops! It didn’t happen. I think that you are secretly jealous of America’s success as a nation. I also think that you wish to see America crumble as a nation because of it’s success. This is the best nation on the planet. Why do you think that so many people want to immigrate/live here. You can’t argue that fact Denny. If America is so evil why do people want to be here when they could go just about anywhere else? America the “eeeeevil”. Oooooooooh. By the way, I have heard that China is building coal powerplants to the tune of one every three days. Kyoto treaty?????? Yeah. Sure. Let’s sign up.

  105. Nimrod on

    Your CO2 and temp graphs are greatly compressed in the time axis.

    Two questions:

    1. Could the warming have caused the ancient CO2 increases? Chevrolets and coal fired power plants certainly did not.

    2. Did each CO2 rise lag (occur after) the temp rises or lead (occur before) the temp rises?

    Try decompressing the time axis. I think you will find that the warming came before (led) the CO2 increases.

  106. Jeff on

    Hey Socialist Denny,

    Where are you?? I miss your anti-American blather. By the way, the opposite of the word sensitive is insensitive, not insensible. You are, for instance, isensible. Keep up the good fight. It won’t deter the efforts of the conservative population in this country though. The liberal left that you identify with seems much larger a group than it really is mostly due to the fact that the liberal media is in bed with you and propogates your socialist messages and ideals. This won’t sit with the vast majority of the U.S. population (that is conservative). Keep on trying. It helps to allow the youth of this nation to realize what your agenda/s really is/are.

  107. Jeff on

    Whoops! Typo in the previous post. It should read, “You are, for instance, insensible.” Warmest regards.

  108. Michael on

    No, not all scientists are in agreement. There are as many reputable and valid studies that support the theory as there are that refute the theory. Unmentioned are many studies which conclude that there is not enough data to make a valid statement about the globabl warming HYPOTHESIS. Most valid of all. Not enough data. People who understand the scientific method know that global warming is not a Law or a Theory it is at the Hypothesis level. It is far from proven. It is an idea. Ice cores themselves have proven that the Antarctic ice is thicker than it has ever been. Why only focus on ice core data that proves the idea of global warming when there is plenty of contradicting data? I willing to consider that global warming is really happening. But I won’t believe in it like a religion when there is such a huge gap for the global warming hypothesis to graduate to a theory.

  109. Stephen on

    There is no way to test the global warming hypothesis. We can put CO2 in a box and irradiate it with with infrared radiation. The box temperature goes up. Duh. Now devise an experiment to test that the whole Earth’s atmosphere is really heating up. Proof, please, a real experiment. The tree ring temperature data is not consistent with thermometer data. We cannot prove that tree rings and thermometers give the same temperature to a TENTH of a degree!

  110. Bob on

    CO2 can rise in the atmosphere due to brownian motion.

    It’s a pity we’re not controlling things of more importance. Politicians like to talk about things they know nothing about!

    Thankfully we (yes you and me) will be long gone before conditions on Earth get too hot or cold.

    Go outside tomorrow, unless you live in Canada, and say thanks for the experience and be kind to your neighbour.

  111. Joseph on

    Well right now, I’d appreciate it if Global Warming was true, but it is clearly not true. It’s colder outside right now than it normally is, and the wind chill makes it even colder than that.

    Global Warming is a pointless exercise in gross stupidity. More important issues would be ensuring that our environment is not contaminated with neurotoxins like Mercury (from those damn CFLs).

    Instead of worrying about something that is so macroscopic that we can not hope to control it (mostly because we still have no idea what variables effect it) why aren’t we focusing on reducing the amount of Mercury in the environment.

    Global Warming is a bunch of bs and everyone is too busy worrying about it (mostly cause everyone has failed to research the issue for themselves, instead of relying on talking heads like that idiot Al Gore) to worry about the important things like Mercury contaminating our environment, and expanding into space so we can ease up on mining and exploitation of Earth’s resources.

    Staring at the problem isn’t going to make it go away, nor is it going to solve it. What would solve the problem is moving from exploiting Earth to exploiting space (no atmosphere, no weather, no bullshit global warming theory). And once we’re exploiting space instead of Earth we can stop exploiting Earth and restore some of the forests.

    Of course… I could care less about the entire Global Warming Debate. It’s like an argument between five year olds, stupid, pointless and based on nothing but opinions. Mercury on the other hand is something that is dangerous, and undesirable, and thus worthy of focusing on. Why does our government spend billions upon billions on scientists debating global warming, when it isn’t doing nearly enough about real problems in the environment?

    Why are envirofreaks so worried about Global Warming (just like they were paranoid about Global Cooling during the seventies) when there are more important things to worry about?

  112. Jacob Dunn on

    Did you know the Sun’s magnetic field has increased over 230% over the past several decades? [1] [2]

    “The strength of the Sun’s magnetic field has doubled during the 20th Century, according to calculations by British scientists. This finding will help to clarify the Sun’s contribution to climate change on the Earth. A team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford has been able to work out the recent history of the Sun’s magnetic behaviour, thanks to the unprecedented overview of solar magnetism provided by the ESA-NASA spacecraft Ulysses.” [2]

    What is the cause?

    The reason why is because our solar system (the Sun and all of the planets) is moving into a denser area of space, called the LISM, or Local Interstellar Medium. This is causing a solar system-wide heating effect because all this new, extra space debris is colliding with the front-end of the heliosphere and creating more friction. [1] [3] [4]

    These changes in “aetheric density” are creating “hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun.” (Dmitriev, Aleskey. Wilcock, David. Divine Cosmos.)

    In turn, this heating effect is causing global warming not only on the Earth, but on all the other planets as well. [9] NASA has documented all of these changes, and so has the Russian scientific community. [1] Some planets have even had magnetic pole shifts in the past few years.

    This is MAJOR STUFF!!!

    These days all you hear about is “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.” This is not a myth or a hoax, but many people are misled into thinking that humans are the main cause of this warming. We are absolutely contributing to the warming. Our activities are polluting the Earth to a point of no return and we are filling our atmosphere with heat-trapping Greenhouse gases.

    But what many people aren’t talking about is the changes that are occurring within the Earth’s core. In order for the oceans to warm and expand a massive amount of energy must be produced in order to even heat water 1º F. So in other words something is happening within the Earth as well..

    “Using the equations of magnetohydrodynamics, a branch of physics dealing with conducting fluids and magnetic fields, Glatzmaier and colleague Paul Roberts have created a supercomputer model of Earth’s interior. Their software heats the inner core, stirs the metallic ocean above it, then calculates the resulting magnetic field. They run their code for hundreds of thousands of simulated years and watch what happens.

    [During the transition, the field becomes disorganized for roughly 1,000 years and then reestablishes itself with the opposite polarity]

    What they see mimics the real Earth: The magnetic field waxes and wanes, poles drift and, occasionally, flip. Change is normal, they’ve learned. And no wonder. The source of the field, the outer core, is itself seething, swirling, turbulent. ’It’s chaotic down there,’ notes Glatzmaier…

    [Now here’s the clincher…]

    ’The changes we detect on our planet’s surface are a sign of that inner chaos.’ “[10]

    We are seeing the effects in these places:

    • The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field and its orientation is changing drastically.
    • The shape of the Earth has recently gone from more egg shaped, to more pumpkin shaped and elongated at the poles. [5]
    • Vulcanism (Volcanic activity) and Seismic activity has increased approximately 400-500%…[1]

    Something major is going on in our Solar System!!! It is effecting all the planets, including Earth, and our sun! [6] Essentially we are at the tail-end of a long awaited cosmic cycle and many people are afraid because they have no control…


    [1] Wilcock, David. The Transformation of the Solar System. Divine Cosmos, Chapter 8.

    [2] “Ulysses results inspire a big discovery about the Sun’s behaviour” (June, 1999)

    [3] “Galactic Dust Storm Enters Solar System”

    [4] Hoagland, Richard. Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow.Enterprise Mission


    [6] “What is happening to the Sun?” BBC News

    [7] Solar Cycle 24 Begins: NASA

    [8] Calvin F. Konzak, Genetic Effects of Radiation on Higher Plants,
    The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 32, No. 1 (Mar., 1957), pp. 27-45

    [9] Interplanetary Changes: Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Earth…

    [10] “Earth’s Inconsistent Magnetic Field”

    [11] Core Concerns

  113. california welder, san diego on

    is global warming true, yes. Is it caused by humans? no. let’s see, mammoth remains found in ice, estimated size=75′!!! I wonder what they ate, snow! the earth goes though global warming and global cooling on it’s own due to countless variables that we don’t or have very little understanding of. To punish a country or countries for “causing” global warming is idiotic.All you tree hugging idiots are doing with your supposed anti global warming taxes and tactics are killing dreams for hard working folks who are trying to pay for thier families to live. U.S.A. won’t(hopefully wont) buy into the kyoto convention because its is complete foolishness.

  114. Jasmin on

    I think industries are a big blame. They should take in consideration the pollution they cause. However, everyone contributes to it and makes it worse. If the Earth’e temperature keeps rising at this rate, no one would be alive within the next century. Something must be done to save the Earht!

  115. Anna on

    All you who think global warming is caused by Co2 are sooooooo STUPID. Of course, I can see and feel that the world is warming up. BUT, have you ever thought that the sun could actually change its temperatures from time to time? What do you think the sun is – a ROBOT that is constantly consistent? And are there any scientific experiments that actually prove that Co2 traps in heat? Has the media mentioned any of these experiments? No. And if you’re thinking ‘what about Venus? That is chuck full of Co2 and it is boiling hot’ then OPEN UP YOUR MIND, there could be another explanation for its extreme temperature! And if you are still NOT convinced, did you know that volcanoes produce a MASS LOAD of Co2 when they blow up? And plants looooovvvveee Co2, they breathe it in! And in theory, didn’t scientists assume that the earth started with lots of Co2 gas inside it? If so, then the earth would’ve gotten sooo hot due to this ‘greenhouse gas’ and blown up. If this theory was true, you global warming promoting freaks would have wrecked yourself. And remember global cooling? That’s right, global warming caused by us humans is just another idiotic assumption! SO FORGET all the crap that people have told you to do to get rid of your greenhouse gas emitions BECAUSE GLOBAL WARMING ISN’T CAUSED BY ‘GREENHOUSE’ GASES!

    Although, it is still good to try and not pollute the earth, if we do (which we already are) it is not good for our health. So be a greenie but also remember that global warming is not caused by greenhouse gases and there is NOTHING we can do about it besides turning your air conditioning on.

    But if you think Global Warming is there, despite reading this argument, I suggest you tell your family and friends to stop breathing for 10 minutes each day. And gradually increase the time of not breathing to 12 hours a day, so you contribute to global warming less. Thankyou for reading this and have a nice life.

  116. matt on

    well done, i just love when people try and over extend themselves, so you read some stuff in some books Wooooaaahhh! you must be like, so smart. i bet you can speak all kinds of big words n stuff. i know that in comparison to you, my intellect is left decidedly wanting, and as you have so eloquently suggested, i am probably one of the ‘sooooooo stupid’ plebians not even worthy of responding to your brain splittingly enlightening post. however, i do feel duty bound to advise you that, in fact, the sun is a ‘constantly consistent robot’ i apologise if i have offended you with this re-affirmation of fact, but let me commend you unreservedly on your choice of words……’constantly consistent’, you are a true wordsmith indeed, not since W.B.Yeats have we been blessed with such gifted insight and prose….’constantly consitent’

    hmmmm… know…on second thought, it does lead me to suspect that you could well be an absolute moron, (my sincere apologies if you are intellectually handicapped).

    Unless of course you are some sort of omnipitent (that’s “all knowing” dear) god like creature who actually does “know” exactly what causes global temperature fluctuations over time. i’m sure there are only 1, maybe 2 things in the entire universe that could possibly impact on global temperatures and i am even more confident that you, the anna oracle, will know what that thing is, maybe it’s like, hairspray, omg that would suck….

    for anyone to claim one way or the other that they ‘know’ what the cause is/isn’t is completely laughable. I know it’s probably your first year at college and your all excited about some new stuff you read in a book but before becoming a proponant for one particular view point look at all the evidence, consider it all and work openly towards the ‘truth’…that’s science

    even though you make a mockery of the global warming camp you agree that you are experiencing warmer temps at a time when the earths temps, regional and global are cooling, so you yourself have been lead to believe that the global warming phenomena is actually causing warmer temps for you, when a quick check of temps over the past 12 months will show that you are physically experiencing cooler temps….be carefull of the power of suggestion….. maybe it is you that should open your mind…..

  117. Jessie on

    Oh my god stop argueing!

  118. Bushman on

    In almost every newspaper around the world and at least once a week, some report surfaces suggesting we stay worried in the light of latest figures and analyses. Not only is Global Warming occurring, we are assured, but it is now accelerating at some alarming rate and pretty soon the poles will have all melted, the sealevels will have risen and all low-lying atolls and seaside villages will be covered over with this calamitous rising tide. And apparently this gigantic catastrophe is due to human behaviour.

    We are informed that if our wicked CFC and CO2-producing ways continue, we will be doomed as a civilisation. Today we are so buffeted by what is put forth as irrefutable evidential science as to the nature of the so-called problem, that we don’t even think to question it on any basic level. What is still essentially viewpoints and nothing more, based on tiny sample data and extrapolated, is now promoted as scientific fact, regardless of the lack of real evidence. The voices of the many diligent scientists calling for real hard evidence are drowned out by those who have the ear of a worldwide media hungry for sensational and emotive headlines.

    The Misleading Picture
    The result is that the picture many now have is of the Earth heating up and hotter now than it has ever been. But… 1999 was cooler than the year before and since 1998 the world has been cooling. The hottest day in all recorded history was at Al Azizah in Libya back in 1922. There was warming from the 1880s to the 1940s, then a cooling for the next 40 years. Some of the hottest years were in the 1930s, when builders in Britain began putting pipes on the outside of buildings because frosts were only a memory. Then the thermometers turned around and from 1940 right up to 1980, global mean temperatures fell by about 0.3degC. All those houses in Britain started getting burst pipes.

    Some over-reacted and called it the start of a new Ice Age, due to global warming. Er..pardon? Yes, a heating up OR cooling down now was, apparently, because of global warming. The 40 year downturn in temperature was in spite of supposed rising CO2 levels due to the new industrialisation after the war, showing then that rising CO2 does NOT fit into the scenario of Greenhouse gases.

    Look outside. Do you see any global catastrophe? Point to an ocean that is rising. Point to a methane cloud. Demonstate in any lab how CO2 could rise or significantly increase in the atmosphere and therefore be harmful.

    Fact: CO2 occupies 0.035% of the atmosphere. If it doubled it would only be 0.07%. We can all live with that. 99.9% of all the world’s CO2 is at ground level or below, 71% being dissolved in the oceans.

    Fact: Like CO and N2O, CO2 is heavier than air. By how much? The molecular weight of air is 29, that of CO2 is 44, nearly double. CFCs have a MW of 100. It is therefore utterly impossible for these super-heavy gases to rise to form a ‘greenhouse cover.’ Wind and diffusion can transport gases but that is to do with mother nature, not man, and the warmers are claiming a rising of gases is taking place due purely to humans and quite apart from wind, thermals, tornadoes and whatever else the processes of nature will do. Our question is, what can possibly make heavier than air gases rise 20 miles to get above 99% of the atmosphere and significantly increase the constant water-vapor-dominated greenhouse cover that enables life to continue to thrive at an average temperature of 13-15degC on the surface of this planet?

    CO2 does not rise. If it did, fire extinguishers wouldn’t work. A party balloon blown up with the breath would fly straight upwards as if it was filled with helium. Moreover CO2 dissolves in seawater. More CO2 produced just means more is going to dissolve. Scientists are still trying to find out the finer points of how it gets from the sea to the trees. They know of the great cycle in which land goes under other land, heats and spews out as volcanoes. CO2 is thrown out and drifts with rain to ground, gets into trees as CO2 and into rocks as CO3, than finds its way back to the sea, then into chalk, which is compressed plankton, and then to the seafloor which becomes part of the continental drift which produces volcanoes at its extremities. CO2 is kept aloft by upper level turbulence. Otherwise it is always drifting down, not up. CO2 is found in centuries-old ice in Antarctica, way before any industrialisation on Earth. It is a natural part of the atmosphere and as such has a stable cycle of its own.

    Fact: The atmosphere on the planet Venus is 100% CO2, produced entirely from volcanoes. Because it is closer to the Sun , its atmosphere is in turmoil all the time. On the other hand Mars, also with a CO2 atmosphere is so frigid its polar caps are solid CO2, which we call dry ice. The coldness comes purely because Mars is further from the Sun . If CO2 alone heated planets up, Mars would be much warmer than it is.

    Fact: More CO2 is absorbed by young plants than by grown-up trees. If all we are worried about is CO2 absorption, it would make more sense to cut down the rain forests and plant saplings or even leave it as grass, both of which would absorb far more CO2 than mature trees do. It is hard to imagine environmentalists advocating the cutting down of the rain forests.

    Fact: Many scientists argue correctly that natural variations in climate are considerable and not well understood. But the Earth has gone through warming periods before without human influence. According to satellite data, air temperatures in the lower atmosphere have not increased appreciably and the sea ice around Antarctica has actually been growing for the past 20 years. Satellite data from NASA says the Earth has only heated by 0.04 of one degree in the last century, that which would be expected from natural fluctuation causes. This data conflicts with that of land-based thermometers and so is not released widely. But landbased measurements are less accurate because they are taken from cities, which are getting warmer all the time due to their expansion and replacing of trees and grasslands with asphalt.(source: science@NASA, October 20th, 2000)

    Satellite data gives more of a global picture. 75% of the earth is covered by oceans. Of the rest, nearly 3% is covered by ice and of the remaining 24% less than 2% is habitable, when you take out swamps, deserts, lakes, ranges etc. In fact we live only on 1.4% of the surface of the Earth, hardly representative of the planet. According to National Geographic, all of Earth’s metropolitan areas would only fit into an area less than the size of Spain. It is only a human vanity to imagine that our relatively small inhabited percentage of global surface has the ability to alter the climate of the whole planet. If we only occupy 1.8%, that means 98.6% of Earth is uninhabited.

    Nearer to the truth is that the climate has always had its ups and downs. In 1100 AD the Earth enjoyed a much warmer environment than it does now – closer to a Meditterranean climate in the north of England. Around 549AD it appears a fireball may have swept through much of Europe, melting the facias of some castles. For many years the Vikings wandered around in their shirtsleeves. The Great Fire of London in 1666 came in a year of tremendous drought. This century just gone saw higher temperatures and heavy droughts around particular recurring years.

    Do yourselves a favour and d/load ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’…. If that doesn’t convince you that you’re being conned, apply for a brain transplant, because the one you are using now is totally unable to absorb logic!

  119. Daniel on

    As a scientist I must protest the horrid explanations and personal opinions given in these comments.

    1.)Fact!… Despite the claims made to the contrary there are virtually no accredited studies in respected scientific journals that deny the existence of global warming. Making statements like, “there are many respected scientists who do not believe in global warming,” misses the point. I grant that there are scientists in specialized fields (organic chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc) who doubt claims made in the media, but unfortunately they have only a very limited view due to their specialized field of study. For example, I recently that I had a conversation with a world renown oceanography who found the media claims dealing with global warming to be problematic. However, he fully admitted that due to his singular field of study he could comment on most of the science that has gone into proving the relationship between human generated CO2 and global warming.

    The point is simple… Most real scientists know the difference between an individual claim and a comprehensive theory. Although they may argue the fine points of a theory they accept the reality that they are limited in their interpretations due to limited knowledge. To fully understand the relationship of human beings with global warming one needs to have extensive knowledge of multiple areas of scientific inquiry. It is for this reason that well respected scientific journals do publish the opinions of a single scientist, but rather investigations done by a collective made of specialists in each field.

    2.) Individual politics have no place in science. The discoveries and advances made by scientific inquiry have themselves never been harmful. It has been the political motivations of nations that have tarnished many of the achievements. For example, nuclear fission is itself not a problem. Use of fission to kill people is an invention of government.

    The point is simple… the claims about liberal vs. conservative are hollow to the scientists doing the investigations. Real scientists pursue truth, regardless of what form it takes. Even if the media is “liberal” and the current white house is “conservative” the individual scientists in the lab are still looking for facts in the haystack of evidence.

    3.) My personal opinion about global warming doesn’t matter and neither does yours. All the fighting between liberals and conservatives does not get us any closer to viable energy independence solutions, improved food and fresh water production, increased availability of higher education, and many other pressing issues. I don’t expect people to agree, in fact disagreement is the basis of democracy, which I love. I would really just like people to try and focus on moving forward and not simply fighting with each other.

  120. shannon on

    global warming causes siesmic activity????????????
    global warming is caused by siesmic activity!!!!!!
    you fooolsssssss look at the facts

  121. shannon on

    what can heat that much water on planet earth maybe look at the hottest point on earth lets look at the ring of fire. maybe off the coast of china wow thermal activity off the the charts
    hhhmmmm light a fire under thinnest crust of the planet and u might get some resisual heat u cannot get that kind of heat from maggots on the surface of the planet dont flatter your selve of being that powerful

  122. Mark Sutton on

    Six Whopping Lies about Global Warming.

    Lie : Carbon dioxide is a pollutant.
    Truth : Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic gas essential to all life on Earth.

    Lie : There is global consensus amongst scientists concerning the theory of man-made global warming.
    Truth : Many scientists regard the theory as fraudulent. ie. John Coleman – founder of the Weather Channel and Patrick Moore – founder of Greenpeace. Also 31,000 American scientists who signed the “Oregon Petition” declaring the theory to be fraudulent and completely non-scientific.

    Lie : Carbon dioxide drives temperature.
    Truth : Temperature drives carbon dioxide.
    Historically carbon dioxide levels increase after warming begins.

    Lie : Carbon dioxide is a significant greenhouse gas.
    Truth : Water vapour is by far the most significant greenhouse gas. Water vapour is responsible for 95% of the Earth’s greenhouse effect.

    Lie : Climate was always stable until man came along.
    Truth : Climate aliways changes – ie. Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period.

    Lie : The U.S. is going it alone on ignoring Kyoto.
    Truth : 155 other countries, representing most of the World’s population and economic activity also rejected it.

  123. David Prentice on

    6 Whopping truths about global warming:

    1. Carbon dioxide absorbs outgoing radiation warming the earth. Just try filling two airtight tanks with gas. 1 with CO2, and 1 with nitrogen. Shine light onto the tank. The one with CO2 gets warmer.

    2. The US is a global pioneer in renewable energy, efficiency and climate research. Despite the disgracefully wasteful lifestyles of US citizens, you guys still put more money into technologies countering climate change than any other country.

    3. There is indeed a global concensus amongst scientists that the climate is changing. The only debate is how much we as humans are influencing it, and this debate is pretty much over. Polluters lose.

    4. There are very few respected scientists denying climate change(relative to the number acknowledging it). John Coleman is not a respected climate scientist, and Patrick Moore is not really respected for anything except being very bitter about greenpeace.

    5. The worlds climate has indeed always been changing since the birth of our planet. It was once warm enough for cold-blooded lizards the size of buses to survive. These changes however have always been on the scale of thousands of years. Never before have changes in atmospheric composition occured this rapidly. (With the exception of mass extinctions caused by meteors and gigantic volcanic eruptions)

    6. Stopping global warming will not bankrupt you. In fact it will eventually mean you pay next to nothing for energy, you don’t have to slaughter brown desert peoples to be able to afford gas(since there will be no gas), and your children will not have to grow up breathing exhaust fumes.

  124. Rich on

    David, your 6 truths are so wrong. You like all GW advocates state your crap like it is fact when indeed you have said nothing. You simply ignore the 31,000 scientists and say no there is a consensus. Says who?
    There is absolutely zero fast unprecedented rise in temperature as you claim. Temps have decreased since 1998. Where excactly is your rapid change? Please fill me in.
    Not one advocate of man-made GW has disproved anything the mass of people have said in this blog. Why is Mars and other planets/moons of the solar system warming? The sun or man. I am going to go with the sun on that one.
    To Dennis Revell you are simply a business hating hippy. Instead of laying out any proof you somehow got on about the Republicans, Bush, the war, axis of evil. You are obviously skewed in your views by your political bias.
    As for Al Gore. Please let us know just how much money you have made from the sale of carbon credits. Who is the majority shareholder, oh ya thats right it is you Al. By the way how does paying you for credits and carbon releasing rights actually help. Oh ya thats right, it helps you pay for your house that uses 21 times the energy of the average US household.
    There is so much error and flaws in the Inconvenient Lie it is unbelievable. Even the so-called scientists that bought the Nobel Prize are disgusted by what was left out of the documentary. Why wont Al and his boys have an open scientific debate on the subject? They would get crushed that is why.

    Time Magazine said to watch out for the next Ice Age only 30 years ago. We were then told we would all die from the hole in the Ozone layer some 15-20 years ago. Now its this. More scare tactics, more bullshit, no actually factual data.

    Th local weather man cannot get the forecast right more than a day in advance yet these guys can tell me what will happen in 20-50 years. laughable.

    The year of katrina it was said that was proof of climate change yet the following year had ZERO hurricanes land in the US. Everytime something happens it is GW bullshit that is the cause yet when nothing happens we hear no response. When a little ice melts IN THE SUMMER in the Arctic it is a catastrophe yet when the ice THICKENS in the Antarctic we hear nothing. I do not see any rise in the sea levels, do you?
    This movement has the look of the crusades. If you don’t believe YOU MUST be wrong. Idiots like Dennis Ravell assume we all must be working with big oil to challenge GW. Get a life and pull your head from your hippy ass.
    Anyone who truly wants to believe this shit should never drive, use electricity, eat processed food, or use a computer again. Go back to hunting, fishing, and farming. Oh and stop breathing, then maybe i will respect your position.
    Finally for David, if you think we can get off of oil that easily you are truly ignorant. It is not just fuel that comes from oil. Almost everything does. We would not need to “kill brown people” if your left-wing politicians would allow the US to drill within the 50 mile off-limit coastline. If they would allow Nuclear. If the green hippies would allow solar, and wind without worying about the odd bird that dies or the studies that need to be done for years to see if its feasible.
    The left, in denying any progress to be made, is more at fault than any oil company.
    What does the left come up with ….. ethanol. A net loser in energy. The worst form of fuel possible. Takes more energy to make a litre than it provides. Smart. Would you pay $1.15 to buy a dollar. Doubt it.
    I could go on all day but it is a moot point. Media Sheep will never learn. They would rather believe some celebrity or a fraud like Al Gore.

    Wake up people.

  125. Methodof Madness on

    Rich you are so dead on in your comments. Well done.

  126. Gerald on

    People should not be so arrogant as to believe we are the cause or cure for anything that happens on this planet. We are such a tiny part. Termites produce more green house gasses than all of man’s activities and have been doing so for eons. Man’s contribution is a truckload of sand on a vast beach.

  127. Frank MIT on

    David Prentice, I love how you say “this debate is over”. Where exactly do you get this from? The media? This debate is far from over and actual CLIMATOLOGISTS doo not believe man is anymore than 1% cause of any warming. Since worldwide temperatures have remained constant or actually gone down since 1998 that arguement is rather useless. It is typical of your ilk to simply state the debate is over, you sound a lot like Al Gore. Actually you sound a lot like these same “scientists” who wanted to blacken the poles in the late 70’s to stop the certain ice age that was upon us. Please don’t give us this crap that “the debate is over” when there has not been a debate. Al Gore and his crackpots do not want a debate because they will lose. Its that easy. Their only proof is speculation and highly flawed. Real scientists who are independent and NOT working for big oil pretty much agree the science is sketchy at best.
    You say respected scientists are not in agreement with me? Hogwash. The only reason you dont hear about them is the liberal media thinks a counter arguement is not news. The funding is not availablr to counter the arguement it is there to support it.
    Tell me why the earth’s average temeperature went down .3 degrees in 2007?
    Your arrogance is typical of your movement. You have a religious zeal and zero fact.
    31,000 scientists and I guess all of them have no credibility in your eyes. Add the vast number form other countries and it far outweighs the 11 “scientists” on Al Gore’s BS committee. If scientists were funded to find the TRUTH and not find what the funders tell them too, the findings would be vastly different.

  128. Gerald on

    David Prentice please tell me why there was farms on greenland in the 14th century. In fact why it was named GREENLAND. That would be climate change. Did we cause it then? NO. Are we causing it now? NO.
    The planet changes climate based on the SUN and other factors WE CANNOT CONTROL. Get over yourselves GW sheep. You cannot control the climate, this is not some 007 movie. Adapt to any minor changes as life has done for millions of years. Live your life and try to enjoy it for once. The sky is NOT falling. In 25 years you will see how wrong you were. The earth is not flat, we are not the center of the solar system, the ice age is not upon us, the ozone layer holes are not killing us, Global Warming is not man-made. It is always something with scaremongers. Always something.

  129. BS on

    Yes Moore and Coleman are not credible but Al Gore, who makes millions off of carbon credit sales is. Ha, that may be the funniest thing I have heard today. Where has Al been by the way the last year or so when many places have seen record LOW temperatures. I experienced the coldest and wettest summer in 20 years in 2008. Al was nowhere to be seen. He is waiting for a Hurricane, Tsunami, or 100 degree day to come out of hiding and make some more carbon-credit money.
    This year is cooler than 1998, that is fact not made up science. Where is the warming? Let us know AL Gore. We are all waiting with bated breath to hear from your hypocritical, well-fed mouth.

  130. DK on

    This whole global warming caused by humnans thing is total bullshit, nothing is true, pure propaganda, to get the money out of the pockets of the tax-payer, to make the rich richer

  131. DK on


  132. Jason B on

    Another record year for being totally wrong on hurricane predictions…

  133. djaguilar on

    I wellcome global warming let’s all leave our cars running, grab our surfboards and head to the beach!!
    I think I hear a hungry kid in africa…. damn, maybe I should help him first…

  134. John on

    correlation versus causation my man.

  135. Sam Slapshit on

    Huddle in your homes/dont go anywhere /dont buy anything/dont drive a car/try not too breath/Pray to Al Gore (The one job he can handle since no intellect or proof is needed)/ Walk everywhere but be careful some smoug invironmentalist might run over you with his SUV / dont have sex

  136. Ron on

    I’m old enough to remember the global cooling scare of the 70’s, followed by the zero population growth (ZPG) scare, followed by the ozone hole scare, followed by the killer bees scare which is now followed by the global warming scare.

    Just using simple math, a 1/2 degree shift over 100 years is only .005 degrees F per year. That’s 5 thousandths of a degree per year which is almost nothing. Then, consider the temperature variation between Maine to Florida which can be a good 50 degrees or more and it’s just amazing how the United States has survived the horrors.

    Add to this the daily temperature variations from morning to evening and it’s just amazing again how resilient we are.

    Global warming is one of the biggests media driven hoaxes ever perpetuated on human kind.

    Ron in New Hampshire.

  137. Warren Noble on

    This article is bullshit. CO2 makes up 1.9% of the earths atmosphere, humans are responsible for around 6% of that which has minor IF ANY effect on Global temperatures. Our climate is driven by the sun – remember that big thing up there that makes up 99% of the mass of this solar system? The Global Warming manipulation is a coverup story for the global weather modification that has been in effect for over 20yrs, look up & smell the chemtrails.

  138. painful on

    This is sad.

    The majority of you people really are idiots.

    Being uneducated (or being educated but still being an idiot) and also being in the mood for talking science is a bad combination.

    Let me put all of this in terms that some of you may be more familiar with.

    Let’s say your local river has flooded a hundred times in the past, OK? Just due to natural effects.

    Now start throwing empty beer cans in there. One per citizen per day for 100 years.

    Sure, you couldn’t say for sure that every flood from then on is attributable to the river being clogged with beer cans, because of the correlation/causality issue, but if you do it for long enough, you’ll have an effect – intuitively, you’ll have some effect. You don’t even need an arts degree to understand that, surely.

    Climate change scientists (the real ones) are generally saying that what we are doing is not likely to be good for the climate, and may affect it’s stability, so we should stop. I think that’s a fair argument – we have 100 years or so of significant industriol CO2 contributions and I don’t really believe that’s long enough to say definitively that we are, or are not destroying our climate by doing this. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

    The argument you guys are making is kind of like the “my grandfather smoked three packs a day and lived until he was 90” argument. Correlation does not prove causation with smoking related deaths or drink-driving related deaths either (NOT EVEN IF YOU SAY IT IN CAPITALS) but most of us get the picture.

    Or so I thought.

    Get off the Internet.

    None of you are helping.

    You’re just making noise.

  139. ARealist on

    This global warming bullshit is just that…tell the people in North Dakota that they are not experiencing a blizzard March 26, 2009. This is a hoax to raise the taxes on energy, totally a BULLSHIT scam to get more of OUR money, Al Gore, and Michael Moore are scam artists.

  140. bobbarino on

    This is like numberology. You can make a graph say anything you want if you know the question beforehand. This is the same as every serial killer ate carrots! Oh shit its true – better stop selling carrots.
    Sure lowering pollution is a noble goal, but don’t tell me you are saving the planet, chicken little.

  141. little stevie on

    One other way to reduce CO2 emissions is for all of these global warming believers to sacrifice themselves for the good of everyone. Stop breathing to save the rest of us!

  142. That one smart kid on

    Ok, has anyone ever heard of a magnetic reversal? well, it’s when the magnetic poles on Earth switch polarity, and it has been happening in cycles usually every 250 thousand years. We haven’t had one in nearly 750 thousand years, making us way overdue. When the magnetic poles switch, we will have a period of time in which there will be a very week ozone layer. I believe that this is simply the beginning of one or Earths natural cycles. I am not saying that we have had no affect, because we have, but not enough to account for what is happening. It is true that we need to monitor and control the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. However, there are many factors besides us, such as fires and volcanic emissions that vent greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere. We need to understand that humans, as small as we are, can actually affect our relatively thin atmosphere, but we need not believe we are so powerful as to be the main factor in “global warming.” I’ve heard some crazy things that you people have put on here, and frankly, I’m disappointed. Some of you people put up stuff that hardly makes sense and that you have no evidence of… I mean, some people have good points, but stuff like respiration alone causing global warming? i mean come on… This is what I believe is happening.

  143. biz on

    To tom in 2007 you have obviously never set foot in Australia as you would know that the East coast is heavily forested and the majority of logging occurs in the mountains hundreds of kms inland also the eastern seaboard is the wettest most fertile region of the country where the WEST is DRY (caused by cool waters in the Indian Ocean NOT Global Bullshit as the west coast has Aborigional and Colonial record dating back 40k years stating WA to be a HOT and DRY region. Droughts in Aus are caused by the El Nino-La Nina effect not logging which is funny because temps. have actually Decreased in 50 years (the GW Conclusion measurement frame approx. 0.00000000031% of geotime) lol in the Oberon-Kanangra region of NSW which is a logging area on the eastern seaboard (200km west of Sydney) If anyone could post where Tom got this info i would be very interested as it contradicts what i see with my own eyes. NO DOUBT in my mind a bullshit mill like CNN blew our CYCLIC, EXPECTED 05-06 drought (which has now broken) way out of proportion and ran it 24/7 around the clock for 3 years just like they do. (Brainwashing Tecnique)

  144. Steven on

    I remember clearly in 1974 the word in the media was that we should all be very afraid because a catastrophe was looming on the horizon, yes we were all going to FREEZE the evidence then CLEARLY indicated that we were heading into another ice age. Apparently the evidence was so strong and so scientific that we sort of misunderstood it and a few years later the story changed to a Global WARMING catastrophe?
    give me a break anyone who thinks these people have some magical ability to foresee the future global climate should ask themselves why is it that can’t tell us with degree of accuracy what the weather will be like in a WEEK why should we think that they can tell us with any credibility what will happen in 10 or 100 years?
    Don’t be a fool the only difference this time around is that Al Gore and his pals figured out that they needed to convince the population that it was a man made catastrophe and make everyone feel guilty so they will hand over their $$$$$ to supposedly fix it!
    It is the biggest hoax ever foisted upon the world. Remember Y2K? funny how quickly we forget when we find that we have been made fools.

  145. Alfie on

    Hopefully the Copenhagen summit will be the last of these ridiculous summits. The Earth has been warming and cooling naturally for millenia and always will. These weird beard idiots need to shut up once and for all. The whole global warming scam is about ‘scientists’ justifying their existence and an excuse for governments to tax us. Too many mights and maybes not backed up by any facts. It’s getting boring and already people are starting to switch off. if people thought it was that big a deal they’d be queuing up to have wind farms stuck next to their villages. But they’re not. They’re actively opposing them.

  146. Polle on

    We could end GW tomorrow by just passing a law that made it punishable by death to propagate the myth. I would vote for it because it would purge the nation of the useless scientific illiterates, and we could all get back to buying SUVs to kepp GM workers employed.
    And the earth’s temeperature would not increase one tenth of a degree.

    Within 100 years, we will have the opposite problem – keeping warm and keeping the soup kitchens going when fossil fuels run out,

  147. jacksonmartinez on

    Stating that global warming is man made, is as scientifically accurate as believing that walking under a ladder, or bumping into a black cat are causes of bad luck. The shear size and complexity of not only our planet, but also the solar system, make it almost imposible to pin point one single source as the cause of global warming. Climate change, once shun into obscrity by previous administrations, has suddenly become a major concern in mass media, a highly politized debate, going beyond science itself into an ideologic war. The real issue now rests on how profictable, both politically and economic this issue can be. An apocalytic scenario has always been profitable to politicians and religious leaders, in the previous decade it was Saddam, Osama, war on terror, and the infamous “weapons of mass destruction”. In the next decade climate change will be the new way of inducing people through mass hysterio to resign to their individual rights and freedoms(as well as money)the latest in hytorie’s long list of witchhunts.

  148. я думаю: прелестно…

  149. James on

    I think we’ve just had our coldest winter since 1976 in the U.K.

    I would welcome global warming! It’s like global cooling here but then again it was scathing hot in Sydney where people couldn’t go out 2 weeks ago.

    Climate change yes, warming or cooling? unknown? Cause? unknown.

    The Earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling but to measure the orbit or CO2 effect?-can we do this?

    We can’t even predict the weather. I do know small changes can have a big affect on some plants etc.

    We should be cautious but not cause panic that disappoints.

    We should make sure the environment is looked after just for our health as a focus.

    Personally I hate the cold lol and would welcome a rise in temp… ;O) But I’d rather look after Earth for the next generation to prosper.

  150. shirley on

    Hello is that why its 26 degrees in Orlando? the charts are bullshit….global warming is a money making scheme put on by a bunch of tree huggers that worship nature. The proof is in the emails that everyone of the scientists destroyed because it proved that there was no such thing. If you really study the earth and all of the cycles you would know that it is not because of humans that this happens…duh….it is a cycle….its nature! All you tree huggers are like sheep going to slaughter….whatever Al Gore says is gospel while he rides in his big jets and SUV’s.

  151. Alfie Noakes on

    Finally the globsl warming myth is staring to unravel. Not before time. I’m sick of having idiotic do-gooders ramming this crap down my throat every time turn on my TV or radio. Even the BBC has admitted showing bias towards globsl warming protagonists. We’re finally seeing a turn against this baseless garbage that’s been diverting attention from real issues.

  152. clarence goodwin on

    To save the world from the distruction thats due to come due to global warming we need to stop and not relye any more on alternate current but direct current in reguards to electricity by relying on generators with out the use of gasoline rather methane gas secondly in reguards to industry only natural products can be used third we go solar in reguards to every form of communicating with satallites forth and final pray.

  153. Alfie on

    Interesting idea Clarence but unfortunately full of flaws. Direct current cannot be sent over long distances so unless you want a generator on the corner of your street a bit of a non-starter. Where is all this ‘natural product’ coming from? Solar is an expensive white elephant with an ROI measured in decades due to the huge expense and ridiculously low amount of energy generated even when the sun is shining. Also, it’s ‘with regard to’ not ‘in regards to’ Why on earth do people say that?

  154. NEOCON on

    Sorry to disappoint y’all.

    Man mad global warming is without doubt the biggest crock of shit ever dreamt up. It has now reached evangelical proportions – almost an opiate of the politicos and eco nuts – and serves to take the electorates eyes off real problems – and sneak new taxes in by trading on a misguided guilt that we are destroying our planet.

    Al Gore is a proven intellectual fraud of the worst kind. A self aggrandising hypocrite – like most of the junk scientists who live their low lifes off goverment grants – after all – do you really think some leftie government vegetablist is going to give you some cash to prove them all wrong?

    The worlds been heating and cooling for billions of years – and even in recent times – er why was Grenland called Greenland? – because it used to be .. kin green you goddamn idiots

    Deal with realities

    There is no man made global warming – so why dont the stupid environuts try do something better with their time – like how to stop crap people from breeding………

    • M. Dahlgaard on

      Global warming is BS and used to mind control the masses somewhat like the fear of total nuclear war except the latter poses a real threat. Weak people need an enemy from whom the state can protect them and so they have a common cause to fight for with their just as blind and unimaginative peers.
      1. 400.000 years of data for a planet that has existed for more than 4 billion years and has had drastic changes not only in climate but also atmosphere and placement in the solar system. So deciding that global warming is a new evil man made devolpment is like judging a man you have known for a nano second.
      2. Mankind is responsible for less than 1% of the earths emission of greenhouse gasses and as another person so wisely pointed out h20 in steam form is the main of those and co2 is a BS word blown up by the mass media.
      3. Even if mankind was responsible for the acclaimed global warming it would be a natural step in evolution as mankind is a part of nature even though some of you self rightious halo polishers would like to see yourself as divine and capable of changing the universe.
      4. Mankind will at some point perish to make way for new species as will the earth to make way for new planets, solar systems and so on in eternity. As intelligent beings we have already learned that nothing is static(except the speed of light in vacuum) – the universe is ever changing and yes every flare on the sun has an impact on our entire solar system – the world is bigger than the world.
      5. If you need an enemy pick one of the lunatic dictators that poses a real threat on your life.

      The human race cannot change the fate of the universe and we will all die someday – accept your damned mortality and get real.


  155. Alfie on

    Global warming theory is bullshit. End of.

  156. Stephen on

    What is SSSOOO funny is that these “GREAT OZ’S” use a chart that shows an increase of co2 every 100K years but they ignore the other spikes on their graph and only point to the spike of the present. I quess all those Fords that Clyde the caveman were driving back then don’t matter. BULLSHIT… TOTAL BULLSHIT…. AL GORE AND THE REST, BULLSHIT!!!!

  157. Alfie on

    The last 12 months has seen the whole global warming lie pushed into the background as the world has real problems to deal with. Unfortunately, the anaemic, tofu fondue loving weirdos are waiting in the wings ready to crawl out and starting spouting on about this rubbish again. Thankfully, familiarity breeds contempt so next time round it will be largely ignored. I just bought a 2006 Carrera 4S. Totally impractical and 3 times as many horsepower than any car really needs but I love it. More people will be standing up against the global warming liers.

  158. Anonymous on

    scientist + global warming = Government + paycheck

    Its all propaganda
    If there was no global warming there would be 10,000 scientists without a job.

    global warming = job

    normal earth = no job

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